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string of incense is now a lot of friends like snacks, strings of incense won a lot of consumers love and attention, if you want to open a store like this, you need a good understanding of the consultation. So, open a string of incense shop, what skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1, chef: hire chefs, do not need each other to stunt, Chuanchuan Xiang stores skills? Sometimes there is a unique master, it will affect the operation of the store. It is best to find easy to communicate and have a good sense of cooperation with the chef, the chef made dishes can better meet the customer’s taste requirements.

2, specialty food: what are the strings of the franchise? Since it is a local flavor restaurants, naturally have distinctive features, which is the foundation of the shop.

3, on the food type arrangement: to always bring forth new ideas, but we must do a good job of basic dishes. Ordinary people to the local flavor restaurant, are some characteristics, more homely, selected local consumer favorite ingredients, we love the food production.

4, on the site: if the financial strength of the large flow of people’s consumption of gold is naturally the best choice to open the chain of incense shop. What are the skills of the chain store? However, such a lot of rent is also very expensive, so the financial strength of the general public, can consider some of the road closer to the main road shop.

5, on the service: casserole shop to create a warm and humane consumption environment, so the service should be warm and thoughtful. What are the skills of the chain store? Health does not have to say, in the time to pay attention to the dishes, serving slow for the entire restaurant business is very fatal.

The above is about to open

stores some of the strings of incense, hope that this to be a lot of attention, only a good choice of skills, so you can easily shop, shop wants to join, to detailed understanding!

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