Xining police will investigate all kinds of security risks

June 13th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Xining city public security organs will carry out safety inspection work for a period of three months, a comprehensive investigation of accidents, and strengthen supervision and management of production safety, to protect people’s lives and property safety.

Shen Sen, deputy secretary of the municipal public security bureau Party committee, deputy director of the city’s public security organs at all levels, especially the police, fire, public security and other departments, conscientiously perform their duties of safety supervision, pay close attention to the implementation of safety inspection measures

. The traffic police department to passenger vehicles, buses, bus safety operation as the focus, thorough investigation of the "super three", drunk driving, involving brand of card and other traffic violations; strengthen passenger vehicles, bus, bus safety supervision, eliminate security risks; improve road safety management facilities, investigation remediation accident black spot. The fire department to crowded places, underground and high-rise buildings in the construction site, simple activities of the board as the focus, focus on examination of the responsibility system for fire safety, fire evacuation plan, inspection and the duty system implementation; inspection of fire fighting facilities is perfect, regular maintenance, whether normal operation. Public security departments should take the key parts of the security guard, the campus and surrounding security crackdown, dangerous explosive chemicals management, major events security, comprehensive management of social security as the key to ensure the overall stability of social order. (author: Wang Xiaofang)

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