Xining this year to build 163 farm house farmers have their own library

it is understood that the Xining Municipal Bureau of culture, radio and television has been completed this year, the construction of a farmer’s house plan, four districts and counties in Xining City, the town built a total of 163 farmers bookstore.

Xining city article wide Bureau staff, each farm house are 933 kinds of distribution of 1568 books, the content of the book is suitable for farmers with agricultural science and technology, reading, children, health, life, literature and art books. In addition, the government also for each house purchased 4 bookcases, 1 newspaper racks, the distribution of the 100 kinds of audio and video products, subscribe to 3 newspapers, 4 periodicals, the average house invested two million yuan.

It is reported that

, 163 farm house has been built including the Beijing press and Publication Bureau aided 6 and Shanghai Century Publishing Group donated 1, currently have all been put into use.


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