Qinghai water ecological civilization news interview activities start

7 18, the provincial water resources department held a news briefing to the central media and the Qinghai press on water resources and water environment protection, the basic situation of governance, the interview with "Qinghai water resources, water ecology, water environmental protection and governance" as the theme of the official start.

for almost a week, CCTV reporter stations in Qinghai, people.com.cn Qinghai channel, Qinghai branch of Xinhua news agency, Qinghai branch, Qinghai daily, Qinghai TV, Qinghai news network and other media reporters will go to the province of water ecological civilization construction news activities.

ventilation meeting, the provincial water resources department, the leadership of the media to introduce the development of water conservancy in recent years in our province. "12th Five-Year" period is the development of our province water conservancy is the fastest, largest and best investment target completion of farmers and herdsmen benefit up to five years, the provincial government issued the "opinions" on accelerating the development of water reform, and gradually explore the formation of the water conservancy development ideas both East and West to the north and south of the conservation and restoration of both "in practice, actively build" water conservation ecological water conservancy development pattern, to improve people’s livelihood, water to water and promote development ", has invested 28 billion 300 million yuan of funds for water conservancy. "13th Five-Year" period, our province water conservancy planning investment reached 40 billion yuan, the province’s water conservancy work will adhere to the "development of the concept of the five party" and "131" General requirements for the lead, actively practice the thinking of water in new period, respect natural law, economic law and the law of social development, grasp the new normal economic development, meet the people’s looking forward, around the new task of ecological civilization construction, the overall construction of "water safety management system in water resources, water supply, water ecology, water environment, water project", to promote the harmonious coexistence between man and water, out of a road with Qinghai characteristics of the water conservancy development road.


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