Comprehensive improvement of the environment, West District, a small number of urban construction pr

The West District of Xining city

this year as the "environmental remediation year", investment 130 million yuan, including the implementation of the rectification of the 54 street street, Xining Nanliang Relic Park renovation, the surrounding area, the Xinghai Street hall to a dangerous rock, Xishan lane and three lane street, tiger Taiwan installed on the "three noes" building institute to carry out comprehensive maintenance, transformation of the four major categories of nine small urban construction projects. November 16th, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of the West District, these small urban construction projects will be completed.

4 million yuan of "radical" Yin Tang landslide ills

west area of Yinshan Mountain Peng Jia Zhai Zhen Tong Village due to soil erosion, have been frequent geological disasters landslides, causing a serious threat to the nearby gas station and the life of the villagers. This year, 4 million yuan investment in the west area of Yinshan Rock Hall, construction of retaining wall, slope protection and drainage ditch. At present, the rock hall management work is being carried out, will be completed by the end of. After the landslide treatment, will effectively protect the safety of the lives and property of the surrounding residents and 109 National Highway, Qinghai Tibet railway line and the surrounding farmland safety.

9 "three noes" family building with heating

let every resident warm winter, this is a real commitment to the people’s livelihood. In July this year, the West Zone of the hospital building area one by one diagnostic investigation after that, West District, there are still 9 "building three noes" residents because there is no money to buy replacement, boiler, some residents do not pay heating costs, gas pipeline damage and other reasons, there are difficulties in heating. Then call the West District Coordination heating fee owed part of the owners, and the investment of more than 80 yuan, buy a new boiler for no money to buy the building of boiler. Ultimately, the 9 "three noes" building heating problems satisfactorily resolved.

9 lanes for new clothes

this year, only 54 big street street, Xining Nanliang Ruins Park, the surrounding area of the face of Xing Hai Lu Xiang, Chengxi district take on an altogether new aspect, the Chinese Institute of building lane, Lane 9 Redhouse alleyways also put on a new look".

West China Lane, two lane, Lane three, lane and other small streets are built in the last century in 80s, the 9. For a long time, the existing cement wall off the roadway, damage and other serious problems, visual impact. In the first half of this year, the west side of the lane and other 9 lanes of the lane on both sides of the solid wall landscaping and repair. In the future, the west area of the small urban construction projects will be gradually extended to the alleyway next year, West District will according to the different characteristics of the alley, landscaping, dress up 15 street lanes.

control of the two lake last year, West District has found two lake in the West Village, Zhangjiawan village fire. Among them, the lake Zhangjiawan village has triggered landslides, flooded forests, effect of viaduct Beijing Tibet line safety hazards; fire large Palm Bay Lake Village on the surrounding residents, farmers property and life safety threat. At the beginning of this year, the west district started the work of the two lake governance. Currently, the two lake governance work is being carried out by the end of the year. Author:;

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