Qinghai 35 major water conservancy projects implemented within five years

reporter recently learned from the Provincial Department of water resources, "13th Five-Year" period, our province will pay close attention to urban water supply, starting from the agricultural and pastoral areas of water conservancy, flood control and drought mitigation, water conservancy construction of poverty alleviation, the implementation of the 35 major water conservancy projects, solve the province’s resources, engineering and management problems of water shortage.

as the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, this year our province water conservancy in the construction of major water conservancy and water conservancy poverty alleviation focus, solid and orderly work of the water. As of mid August, has been implemented throughout all types of water conservancy investment target of 80%, more than the same period last year fell real investment, laid a solid foundation for a good start to 13th Five-Year. ".

in recent years, our Province Department of water conservancy planning is related to the province’s economic and social development, structural adjustment and ecological civilization construction globally in the Qaidam Basin water resources allocation, Hehuang area water ecological comprehensive management, the source area of Sanjiang water conservancy projects, and gradually establish a framework of major water conservancy projects.

the yindajihuang, Qaidam Basin water resources allocation, "three Beach" diversion comprehensive ecological governance, Huangshui south water conservancy poverty alleviation engineering into the development of the support of the Tibetan national key project, and simultaneously carried out preparatory work. Yindajihuang West trunk, Huangshui north trunk canal two, poverty alleviation irrigation storage gorge water conservancy, Nalinggele river water conservancy and other 10 projects included in the national water-saving 172 major water conservancy construction plate provides important support for building a well-off society.

according to the Provincial Water Resources Department Planning Department of the person in charge, "13th Five-Year" period, our province will be the completion of a major water conservancy project investment of 150 billion yuan, has completed 40 billion yuan. In order to solve the problem of shortage of water resources and engineering, the province will accelerate the development of a number of "playing the foundation, Guan Changyuan, Lee development, benefit people’s livelihood," the construction of major water conservancy projects. At the same time gradually establish rural drinking water project construction and operation management and protection system, so that the rural centralized water supply rate reached 80%, tap water penetration rate reached more than 70%, water quality compliance rate increased by 2015, compared with 15 percentage points.


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