Xining introduced preferential policies to encourage their own business

Xining city recently introduced a series of preferential policies for their own entrepreneurial personnel, the city settled entrepreneurial incubation base and independent entrepreneurs to give entrepreneurial subsidies. At the same time, to participate in the city’s entrepreneurial training after the success of all kinds of personnel to give a one-time entrepreneurial incentives.

is reported that these preferential policies in order to implement the promotion of entrepreneurship to promote employment, the development strategy to encourage the introduction of various types of employment and entrepreneurship in Xining. Preferential policies, subsidies for range of registered unemployed persons with the ability to work in the college graduates, demobilized veterans, the disabled and other urban unemployed workers and landless farmers, rural workers start their own businesses, self-employed, business partners, business incubator stationed in the park, was identified as the first independent business, you can apply for a premises rent subsidies. In the incubation base rent subsidy standards and deadlines for individual industrial and commercial households each year to 15 square meters of rent subsidies, less than 15 square meters by factual rent subsidies, rent subsidies highest standards for the four district of Xining City, 5000 yuan / year, three counties 3000 yuan / year. Individual industrial and commercial households enjoy three years of rent subsidies; registered enterprises give real 1/2 office and production of rent subsidies, trade, service industry is the highest rent subsidy not exceeding 10 thousand yuan / year, production enterprises the highest rent subsidy not exceeding 50 thousand yuan / year, registered enterprises enjoy two years of rent subsidies.


range of personnel to apply for subsidies, the registered urban unemployed, with the ability to work, college graduates, demobilized veterans, the disabled and other urban unemployed workers and landless farmers, rural workers to start their own business, registered in the Xining area department of industry and commerce registration business license (except national restrictions industries), can apply for business subsidies. Subsidy standards for eligible applicants can apply for a one-time 2000 yuan subsidy. Apply for the scope of the scope of personnel for the award funds, where from January 1, 2013 to participate in entrepreneurship training in Xining students, after the successful adoption of qualified training and stable operation for more than 6 months, you can enjoy the entrepreneurial incentive funds. Reward criteria for qualified personnel to give a one-time reward of 5000 yuan. (author: Su Jianping)


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