The government purchases public cultural services to social forces

is the perfect public cultural management system, abundant supply of public cultural services, improve the effectiveness of public cultural services, provide more convenient, efficient and quality of public cultural services for the people of the province recently issued the relevant implementation advice, to further accelerate the government purchase of public cultural services to the social forces.

government to social forces to buy public cultural services work as follows:

– the main body of the purchase is: to assume the provision of public cultural and sports services at all levels of administrative organs. In the preparation of management and administrative expenses by the cultural and sports mass organization financial burden, also can according to actual needs, providing public cultural services through the purchase of service.

: to undertake the main is: have the ability to provide public cultural services, and in accordance with the registration authorities for registration or approval by the governments at all levels shall be exempted from registration in accordance with the conditions of the social organizations and institutions, and the law in the business administration department in charge of industry or registered enterprises, institutions and other social forces.

— buy content which conforms to the socialist core values theme, sing patriotic theme, carry forward the excellent national culture, focusing Chinese dream theme, and the suitable way to take the market to provide social forces can assume public cultural services, highlighting the public and public welfare and take the initiative to the public. Mainly includes the creation and dissemination of public cultural and sports products, public cultural and sports activities of the organization and the contractor, the excellent Chinese traditional culture and folk traditional sports inheritance and protection, display, operation and management of public cultural and sports facilities, sports private cultural mechanism provides free or low-cost services etc..


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