Chase launched the second moral model selection

To strengthen the construction of socialist core value system, give full play to the moral model in the ideological and moral construction of citizens in the leading role, and strive to improve the ideological and moral qualities of citizens in Datong County, to promote the construction of "beautiful Datong". Sponsored by the Datong County Committee of civilization, the county civilization office, County Organization Department, the United Front Work Department, the County Federation of trade unions, the county women’s Federation, county radio and Television Bureau,, Qinghai channel, Xining evening news agency, Datong County Credit Union, Datong County Government Website Co Datong County Xinhe cup the second moral model contest was officially launched in April 10th.

the selection for the Datong County Citizens, regardless of age, gender, occupation, residence, where in the Datong study and work for more than a year, and consciously practice the socialist concept of honor and disgrace, abide by the basic norms of citizen morality, helpfulness, national unity, honesty, dedication, filial love the old pro. Outstanding performance, good social image, people recognized high citizens have appeared in the "Datong County Xinhe Cup second national moral models qualification. Evaluation activities will be the selection of "helping others model", "national unity model", "honest and trustworthy model" and "dedication model" and "filial love the old pro model five moral model 2, a total of 10. Recommended methods to take collective recommendation and the masses recommend a combination of ways. Collective recommendation will be recommended by the various units and 3000 words or deeds of advanced materials reported to the county civilization office. The recommendation of the general public through letter way to posting the jury office. The address is Datong County Civilization Office (Datong County office building on the first floor, room 103), zip code 810100. The deadline is May 20, 2014.  

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