Analysis of preparing for double 11 electricity supplier team

is a year double 11 war, many online shopping enthusiasts have started the annual carnival, always ready to buy buy buy". Behind this electricity supplier carnival, is the electricity supplier business team carefully prepared and hard to pay. Here for you to prepare for the analysis of double 11 electricity supplier team.


"students army" of the upper layer is super rich electricity supplier "camp". Zhou Hongmin, director of operations has just implemented a number of part-time customer service. "With our existing customer service and storage, the staff should be sufficient." He said that in October is the "sprint double 11", even if the annual "double 11" aura has faded, but the "magic" in.

"you buy eggs I help you to chase girls, after less than a year egg to you!" This is the primary egg brand "little fool" and "double 11" marketing slogan recommended

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