Why the suspension of vehicle purchase tax in Fujian

technology, a series of new platform successfully applied in various units, effectively improve the work efficiency at the same time, but also conducive to keep pace with the times, to provide better service for the broad masses of the people. So, why the suspension of vehicle purchase tax in Fujian business?

6 23 18:00 to July 7th 24:00, the provincial tax system of the units (excluding Xiamen, the same below) will suspend the vehicle purchase tax business.

it is understood that the three Golden Tax Project Optimization version of the application system will be 8 next month in our province officially launched operation, because the new system needs to switch 18:00 to July 7th 24:00, June 23rd, the province will suspend the vehicle purchase tax for the tax business, including tax, vehicle purchase tax reduction (Exemption) tax declaration, tax refund, tax payment certificate go through business.

province IRS cargo service tax department official said, the need for timely report card of the vehicle, please arrange the taxpayers of vehicle purchase tax related business processing time, before 18:00 on June 23rd as early as possible to handle related matters, to avoid the inconvenience of business operation. In July 8th 8:30, the province tax system will restore the vehicle purchase tax of the tax related business.

in addition, in accordance with the "Provisional Regulations on the purchase of vehicles in People’s Republic of China" provides that taxpayers purchase taxable vehicles, should be purchased within 60 days from the date of tax returns. The responsible person said, because the system switching discontinued operations cause the taxpayer fails to declare on time, no additional fines.

Jinshui optimized version of application system of the three phase of the project operation, will effectively improve the work efficiency, is a traditional to modern transition is very meaningful! At the same time, the reason for the suspension of business for the system, the government promptly issued a notice to help the broad masses of the people is clearly how the same thing!

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