Do you grasp the market opportunities

is now after the college entrance examination, followed by a batch of students out of the school gate, they really can find a suitable job? A lot of people choose to start a business, but graduation business opportunities you caught?

recently what the most profitable? Grade graduation season dinner table is hard to find

from the current booking situation, the city’s "student dinner" has two peaks:   from June 9th to June 12th, the college entrance examination has just ended, with the gathering of students mainly. Next, from June 23rd to the end of August, with the arrival of the admission notice to Party " " the catering industry is also gradually hot up." Industry estimates.

recently what the most profitable? The most crazy

graduation dinnerAfter the end of the college entrance examination,

6 late in the month to start, thanks teacher feast as the representative of the graduation season has become a business nuggets season.

in the graduation season, in the face of "graduation too busy to attend to all feast, graduation dinner and feast studies, prospective students and parents every day back and forth. During the period, the senior class teacher silently sigh, "don’t didn’t fall on the podium, but fell on the table."

in catering businesses eyes, become the trend of the graduation season "business, the end of June time only disclosure date, the industry is expected, as the weather in August and September," the graduation season "and the opportunity to set off another wave of frenzy.

recently what the most profitable? Graduate graduation dinner getting high grades

this year to participate in college entrance examination candidates parents Ms. Chen said "some hesitation", "fear of dishes, not on the level of service, nabuchushou." Even so, the most recent period, this graduation feast or attracted 17 customers orders.


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