Micro tide an anti nternet nternet Carnival

days ago, 90 network Reds Zhou Menghan sells "poison mask", in their own earned pours at the same time, also led to a lot of problems using the mask consumers suffered skin pain. Along with the upgrading of consumer rights behavior, this beautiful 90 girls quickly become a female liar from the woman, and finally played a human evaporation".

this event will soon have been questioned on the micro network users quickly detonated. I found that in Dongguan, a lot of the original circle of friends often appear in the mask sales posts also significantly reduced. In addition, Dongguan is engaged in some micro business users also began to doubt, the quality of their agent’s mask, cosmetics and other products in the end how micro business model is the direct marketing model even ported to the mobile Internet

?Whether the

which began the 2013 derivative boom will continue barbaric growth? Dongguan recently often micro business forum, micro business training and micro business activities will share gradually less? These problems the author can make nothing of it, but worth mentioning is that the micro business model has its own anti Internet and anti social nature.

micro business model does not currently have an accurate definition, the current point of view is through the Internet (more mobile Internet) sales model. Simply say micro-blog electricity supplier and WeChat electricity supplier. In the vast majority of cases, micro business is especially WeChat circle of friends electricity supplier. As for the players to open a micro shop, mostly reluctant to pull the relationship with the micro business, in turn claiming to be micro electricity supplier".

I then said the micro business, but also refers to the circle of friends WeChat electricity supplier.

a lot of micro business in the publicity of their own time, often described as a micro business model of the phenomenon of mobile Internet business model. But in my opinion, micro business model is clearly anti internet.

first, a prominent feature of the Internet brought about by breaking the information asymmetry is to channel the rapid development in recent years, the electricity supplier is proof. But the micro business mainly through the development of agent (offline) the practice is over reliance on the channel. Second, the core of Internet products and services is user centric, but the micro business model has a high demand for product margins, one-sided emphasis on marketing packaging and ignore product quality. This approach is clearly ignoring the core interests of users.

I have a lot of friends around the habit, where a shield in a circle of friends of friends scraper sellers. The positioning of WeChat circle of friends is the social platform, but the micro business in the circle of friends of the scraper sellers, led WeChat friends have shielded, stand it, it is because of this kind of goods in violation of the social attribute of WeChat circle of friends. No wonder netizens Tucao: true friends circle of friends has not existed".

I recently found in the exchange with a number of micro providers, micro agents about 60% to 70% of the agents and users are 90, followed by 80 and after the 00. Most of the products sold by the micro channel is the mask, cosmetics and other high profit, low cost products. Although the brand just

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