Do not need to earn a high salary as high as 20 thousand and 140 high paying jobs

The monthly minimum wage of 8000 yuan

, comprehensive income of up to million yuan……" If you think this kind of high paying job is still a patent for PhD and master’s degree, you are out of date. At present, many technical jobs demand blowout, even if it is not well educated migrant workers, as long as the technology in hand, also can become a monthly income of thousands of workers".

the inventory of ten kinds of occupation that do not require a high degree can earn high salaries.

1, construction workers

2, the film industry

3, massage technician

The following is

1) requirement: 18-35 years old height: above 150.

2) treatment: monthly salary ranging from 10000

3) plus bonus Commission bag. Well paid.

4) working hours: 8:00 am to 12:00



, Yuesao

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