Looking for a way to find the VC is actually

      now many people are looking for VC investment,

      since last badge sword back to the Internet, and a nickname, regardless of smell of incense, it has little visibility, many projects for some people to the sword emblem, emblem ask sword, can give him some VC contact information; at the same time, there are also some VC or angel investors find Hui sword, let help recommend some projects. He also became a badge sword of some VC do not get paid manager supernumerary investment project.

      after a number of contacts, Hui Jian has a lot of feelings.

      his sword emblem recently engaged in a client project (the client to adjust the development team, is expected to come out in November), at the beginning of the release of information, there are a lot of investors to understand, because investors to understand more, so that later said the lazy Badge sword, let they wait to see the DEMO have a friend, more enthusiastic, when not to see DEMO to badge sword investment of 2 million, but the shares did not tanlong, because the man to 30%, later reduced to 20%, but only promise to adhere to the badge sword 10%, deadlocked, finally suggested that he or DEMO badge sword out again. (Note: the emblem of the sword have not accepted, in fact, the real reason lies in considering cooperation after all is long-term, if the man did not see DEMO when there are different opinions involved, what not to say, and this money is relatively small, is not difficult to raise their own badge sword out.)

      this badge sword found several problems, one is some people seem to find VC, some people always couldn’t find VC. Why is that? At the same time a lot of VC are desperately looking for a project, the emblem of the sword recently introduced a few friends of the project, the current project side and VC are in consultation, it seems that the probability of success is still great.

      this period of time with different aspects of communication, Jian Jian also found many problems.

      first of all, we need to clear a problem, that is, VC is also looking for projects every day. Because their money is raised, only to raise money to invest these profits, they have these operators have a huge income, we look at the characteristics of VC looking for investment:

      VC, the first love in accordance with his original successful experience to do, to see a lot of VC investments, we will find some interesting features, is one of the VC investment is often an industry or a characteristic of the enterprise. Different VC have different preferences, which is inseparable from the experience of the operation of the VC staff, we will find out of the software out of the VC mostly like to invest in technical projects, engage

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