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this year, electricity providers to build concept has been popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, presented liaoyuanzhishi. China’s Internet giant three BAT intensive test the water, joint shops, businesses, and even the entire province, into this field, to build the rise of electricity supplier into a needle doping. Insiders said that at this rate, China will build electricity supplier giant will now, or more powerful than Alibaba.

the industry to Alibaba successful background, for example, to analyze the possibility of the success of this model to build electricity supplier. He said that Alibaba was born in 1999, but the real impact on the development of China’s e-commerce is the epoch-making impact of the birth of Taobao in 2003. Alibaba B2B mode of the original influence in the economic field Chinese Co., and Taobao mode, because it involves thousands of households, one billion and three hundred million people with the basic necessities of life, has achieved great success in the economic environment. Alibaba took only 4 years to grow into the world’s leading Internet companies, and in 2012 reached an annual sales of 1 trillion, becoming the world’s largest e-commerce platform.

and electricity providers to build as the current development of electronic commerce to business model innovation under the new situation, born with a Alibaba without no quasi noble descent, it is involved in the enterprise based on the powerful brand potential, once started, the development speed of non Alibaba can offer. "On behalf of my electricity providers to build the network for example, excellent manufacturing enterprises participating in the construction enterprises are from the TOP10 industry, brands and products of each enterprise have self loyal high-end consumer groups, these different groups of people together, their purchasing power, is definitely not a simple superposition, and it will grow a multiple of the infinite. Furthermore, the seller is to build electricity supplier producers and manufacturers, is conducive to the ultimate removal of intermediate circulation, the prices of goods and services will be more direct, big data platform in turn self, will also direct feedback to the enterprise, which will greatly emancipated productivity, has more advantages than the Alibaba as the representative of the third party the electronic business platform, and are advised to see.

allows consumers to get the best option

and Tmall Jingdong or suppliers and different cover and contain everything commodities, electricity providers to build "my network" in the face of buyers, will be less than the industry TOP10 consumer groups. Tmall and Jingdong settled merchants, on the surface are brands and manufacturers, but the inside of the manufacturers and brands are uneven in quality, due to the large number of different sizes of dragons and fishes jumbled together. Statistics show that Tmall in 2014 to renew the total of 85458 businesses. Insiders, Tmall cannot publish these business qualifications, because Tmall inside the vast majority of businesses are second tier three lines and even the factory workshops, a large number of OEM factory no entity is an indisputable fact in the operation of Tmall.

as everyone knows, Tmall from Taobao mall, Taobao and Taobao mall from the market, a lot of the Amoy brand from the original Taobao market flock to Taobao mall, bring a large number of small businesses will be uneven in quality strength can hardly be avoided. According to Taobao rules, consumption >

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