The site of the statistics that grilled a grilled and other domain name trading story

renamed China ( May 28th hearing, Cao Zheng chief architect of the 4399 game, has been engaged in the work of the Internet in recent 14 years, he wrote a review of the development of 1tong and cnzz Statistics website, and referring to,,, domain name story, let us together to understand China in the eyes of Cao Zheng now the history of Internet website statistics.


data statistics

happy domain price one million?

According to Cao Zheng

, 1998 only some counter program, and the NetEase after the launch of the "easy to count the number of" free website statistics service, a lot of functions increase than the traditional counter program, such as regional analysis. 1999 -2001, Cao Zheng start the personal station, on the use of "easy to count the number of" service and "easy number list" is every day he must see the list.

Cao Zheng to enhance the influence of individual stations, through the advertising platform to brush the list, but for Han Xiaohe, however, founded by the advertising exchange system, "" ( Speaking of Fu Zhengjun backing is not small, the current Hangzhou CEO Columba group, in 2005 he founded the 91589158 official domain name, the homonym "about me", Fu Zhengjun will be the successful operation of the largest domestic video interactive entertainment platform. In addition, Fu int will also "happy" Larry domain, sold to chairman Chen Yizhou, Fang Chuan domain trading price of one million yuan.

at that time, Tai Chi chain ranked first in the list of business sites, and Cao Zheng to seize the first personal website list, which also brought a lot of members of his service users.

2 digital domain transaction amount of 980 thousand yuan


in 2000, Cao Zheng joined sky map technology (Tai Chi chain when founding the company, after the merger, the company has become an interactive) to membership website alliance, and make the "Taiji list", "Tai Chi" list is more than easy to statistics in function, performance and other aspects, and the latter gradually NetEase give up, ranking the first list soon Tai Chi on statistics on the market, and holding for several years. 2004, interactive video tasted the sweetness of the ad, Tai Chi list was abandoned.

Cao Zheng cooperation with friends QQ exchange, has launched the "tong123" and "good statistics" in 2 different versions of the statistics service, in 2004, Cao Zheng with the price of 20 thousand yuan, will be "tong123" to Pang Shengdong, Pang Shengdong later created a "unified" website (, has become the largest domestic half Statistics website after.



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