Fresh electricity providers have struggled platform from B2C to B2B

from the beginning of 2015, fresh electricity seems to have become a hotly contested spot: a Dmall Angel round took IDG $one hundred million, Suning supermarket launched the "Su Xiansheng", "on-line SF SF preferred, Huarun launched" e 10000, 10000 Tmall supermarket in Shanghai launched the "double 2 billion plan", Ali layout easy fruit net, Jingdong led Baidu to invest in the orchard every day, I bought the food network, EMS’s fresh business speed fresh "will officially enter the market, Amazon, WAL-MART and Uber to develop fresh business Lyft cooperation and fresh delivery service, even Google began to do fresh home service…

there is no surprise inventory feeling fresh electricity supplier because of its trillion level market potential, the average annual growth rate of more than 80%, but the online penetration of less than 2% and was optimistic about the capital. IResearch expects 2017, trading China fresh electricity market will exceed 100 billion yuan, a penetration rate of 7%, which also makes entrepreneurs each eager.

of course, with the change of the pattern of life, there will be (GAO) day (BU) with (Qing) increase (Chu) of the dead. According to IT orange data, only in 2015 to enter the fresh electricity supplier market, the company has 34, but after a year to test the water, the first half of the 2016 became more lively.

fresh B2C life and death field

Above the

, we see almost the B2C mode of the screen, it is born, it is also dead. After all, B2C fresh electricity supplier has been dependent on capital transfusion. According to the monitoring data show that the more than 4 thousand fresh electricity supplier profit is only 1%, flat 4%, 88% little loss, the remaining 7% are in a huge loss of state. The delicious on the eve of the C round of financing is a perfect example.

as everyone knows, delicious 77 formerly known as the Thailand Zhengda Group founded in 2011 the fresh B2C website "Zhengda heaven", in 2013 renamed the "77 delicious", and get the Amazon $20 million investment in 2014, this is Amazon’s investment in China’s first fresh electricity supplier. Get the delicious 77 of the financing will soon start the cold chain logistics, processing centers and other projects, the implementation of heavy asset management model. It is understood that the delicious 77 in Shanghai alone to establish its own central warehouse and cold chain distribution system, the central warehouse of more than 10 thousand square meters, and built 30 transit warehouses, opened the three day delivery service, even after another online open stores, has also developed a total area of more than 3 acres the farm base, is a stuttering into fat.

but in the same year, "the 2015 survey data Chinese fresh Research Report" released, seems to B2C mode of fresh electricity poured a bucket of ice water, has formed a high frequency buying habits are not many users, which go shopping once a week (or more) of the users accounted for 12.4%, half a month to buy a user accounted for 11.1%. And occasionally buy users up to 65.8%. Even B2B fresh electricity supplier started >

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