After YAHOO sold alive again 285 new recruitment needs

BI Chinese station on July 29th reported

YAHOO recently officially announced, the company agreed to a $4 billion 800 million sale of the Internet’s core business to the U.S. telecom giant Verizon. YAHOO Internet sale of the core business, the company shareholders only $41 billion portfolio, including the China electricity supplier giant Alibaba and Yahoo! JAPAN (YahooJapan) a small part of the patent portfolio.

however, in prostitution after Verizon seems that YAHOO doesn’t enter the low-key mode, it is carried out a lot of recruitment activities. According to YAHOO’s U.S. career development page content, the company released 76 new job requirements in July 18th, and in two days after the release of the new job requirements of the 151. This week, in the officially announced sold to Verizon, YAHOO in July 25th, 26 and 27 in the network posted out of the 23, 16 and 19 new recruitment needs.

in other words, YAHOO released a total of 285 new jobs in just half a month’s time. Moreover, this move in with YAHOO officially sold far before two months of practice. During this time, YAHOO’s U.S. career development page has never released more than 10 job requirements in a day.

at the moment, we do not know exactly what the motivation behind these new jobs YAHOO released. But considering the company earlier this year has just laid off 15% employees, down to 8800 people and more recently because of the huge organizational structure changes brought about by the sale to Verizon after the release of the recruitment notice, how weird.

it is reported that most of these sites work recruitment notices are located in Sunnyvale headquarters of YAHOO and the main positions are the same in engineering. Among them, many jobs require candidates with mobile and advertising technology work experience, which is one of the key investment direction in recent years, YAHOO.

outside analysts believe that YAHOO’s move may mean that the company’s internal staff turnover rate is very high, so YAHOO had to go through the external recruitment form to fill vacancies, there may be some business in the abolition of YAHOO intends to lower output positions, and through a new set the output rate of high post compensate. Of course, this is also likely to be a long time ago YAHOO set the recruitment plan, but only recently announced it gradually.

but you can be sure that in a moment just to sell their core Internet business to Verizon, very time shareholders require the expenditure of the move, YAHOO is obviously unusual.

, a spokesman for YAHOO is so explained: "YAHOO is based on our strategic plan formulated in February expanded recruitment, our HR team is focused through recruitment and functional recruitment mode to complete the work. YAHOO in the past two weeks

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