Network marketing is often caught in the five misunderstanding

with the emergence of Web2.0, the traditional marketing has been unable to adapt to the development of enterprises in the network on demand, and the network, various promotion methods emerge in an endless stream and remarkable effects, including the use of more extensive viral marketing, email marketing, soft Wen promotion, search engine, we put all the network promotion way called network marketing.

network marketing can be said to create a revolution in business, a lot of old enterprises because of popular network marketing, but did not seize the opportunity, to the survival of the product information asymmetry due to the network does not exist, so soon in danger and collapse of the situation, but there are a lot of new enterprises use network rapid growth and grow.

network marketing is an integral part of the enterprise’s overall marketing strategy, is to achieve the overall business objectives of the enterprise, the Internet as the basic means to create a variety of activities on the Internet operating environment. But many people on the network marketing has the following different misconceptions:

1, network marketing has replaced the traditional marketing.

can be seen from the definition of network marketing, it is a part of marketing, is an extension of traditional marketing in the network and innovation. Is not the traditional marketing way has expired, many examples of traditional marketing has its unique position, such as "the best job in the world", "Cai Ming blog marketing", is through a combination of online and offline, so that the traditional marketing and network marketing is different and there is a certain relationship.

2, network marketing will have to build a website.

a lot of people will have an illusion, is to carry out network marketing first to build a corporate website. In fact, the company is to build a website is more convenient, more quickly to let others know the company’s product information in detail, but it will not engage in network marketing must first build a website, and then its network promotion. Network marketing is not a few, such as Email marketing, blog marketing, etc., they will not necessarily use enterprise website. In the network, as long as we use some means to let others concerned about their products or pictures, not necessarily to build a website.

3, network marketing is open shop.

is now in the network, many small and medium enterprises to open shop in the Alibaba, such as website, this is a kind of network promotion way, but the network marketing is not so. Network marketing is a means not an end, we are in the way through the network marketing play, started their own brand goods, not only directly using the network to sell many items, there are many such promotion, also have such as 66 network promotion website.

4, network marketing do not spend money.

there is no such thing as a free lunch. Many people just use some forums, blogs, emails software and other commodity information single way, or just add some free promotion website, more than can be achieved some effect, but it is rarely get.

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