Domestic well-known video stations are facing a crisis of harmony

July 5th week 56, a domestic video site almost again on the road to go on the road of 6. But this website on the head of the sword still hanging! Maybe this week on the same page and 56 a notice of the website data upgrade and maintenance

on Saturday, July 5th, together with colleagues at the weekend in Hangzhou Mei Ting playing cards. Did not receive the phone call to 12 points..

weekend work, I think is absolutely depressing thing! Anger to be infected by the company, when the heavy atmosphere, quietly asked colleagues why


colleague said: under the approval of the radio and Television Bureau, ordered the tube site? Executives have to fly to Beijing and radio and television representations.

all the staff of our operations is the task of dealing with illegal video, alas… On Youku potatoes, which website does not have a touch ball? Our website customer service is 24 hours online every day, all day long review video! But the egg can definitely pick bones…

when I received the Bureau specification, dumbfounded.. If in accordance with their domestic standards, at least not a website to reach the goal!,, Sina and other 200 key words! I am responsible for the puzzling: "Beijing", "Chongqing", "Mianzhu", "earthquake", "donations"… We stand is the word "Beijing" every day tens of thousands of IP…

is the first technology from the database to illegal word shielding, let we also do customer service operations audit, check whether the procedure when the leakage shielding! 1 Baidu site:: "(" keyword to check whether can see the video. 2 in the website keywords according to the video, according to whether there is a special search! Week 6 day dry until Sunday night! Is road 12 beautiful day


should do, we have done! Now is to watch the radio and television…

Oh, this is the difference between it and the general video station site, colleagues said radio tube video station, general station of Ministry of information industry responsible! (this point I’m not sure, oh) you see the horizon, politics, more porn is nothing like it.

maybe we’re just like 56.. We have a holiday, I just put it in the company for more than 1 months.. Unemployed again?… I stand on my personal work on the very little update! We support a IP bar, thank you! Movie download station!

you may be curious about the site. 1 I am afraid that people say I am soft company (but I also AD to personal station) 2 afraid of company leaders see

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