Lenovo venture on the road to enlightenment extraordinary perseverance in order to achieve extraordi

as an entrepreneur, the difficulty is obviously the start empty-handed. The success of the business requires a certain amount of experience, capital, etc., and young entrepreneurs, may be more or less some of these deficiencies. In order to succeed in business, you have to pay the price (ha ha ~ of course, is valuable), but also need to have the perseverance to bear in the entrepreneurial road may encounter various difficulties and setbacks. No matter in the original stage of entrepreneurship, or career development stage, the perseverance is a kind of indispensable spiritual food.

never had a smooth career. At the crucial moment as long as you can through their own willpower, overcome and overcome these difficulties and hardships, success will be not far away waiting for you. For many successful entrepreneurs, these are small tricks to make you more successful.

Lenovo holdings chairman Liu Chuanzhi, is a thoroughly tempered success, have experienced years of wind and frost. He once said in Lenovo 2002 pledging conference: "you know, we study from out of the sea, several times are being cheated. The company has just set up a month, 200 thousand of the equity has been cheated out of 140 thousand; in 1987 when the company was very small, a business activity was almost 3 million for at that time, Lee was a heart disease, I was awakened at midnight every day; on import customs issues in 1991, black storm in 1992, as well as foreign companies have entered the most painful 1993, every year the people scared out of his wits, the year in which few desperate problems. However, this is the first time a dangerous situation, one will experience, this is possible in 1995 "unruffled light."."

Lenovo success, from the words of Liu Chuanzhi is not difficult for us to be clearly heard, any successful entrepreneurs are overcome setbacks, overcome the difficulties of danger, defeated the business on the road was able to achieve a dangerous situation. Because these entrepreneurs possess superhuman perseverance, adhere to the correct management concept and methods. They eventually overcome all the obstacles, the way to success.

success or failure of the cause and development, are full of twists and turns. Able to adhere to the last entrepreneurs, often successful. The key is not only the need for quality and ability, but also need to overcome the difficulties of determination and perseverance. Without the ability you can gradually develop, no perseverance may always be a failure at the end of the line before the fall.

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