Billion technology co hosted the third new Smart City Summit Forum

study by the industrial development of Henan Province, Chinese Telecommunications Industry Association, Tianjin City wisdom IOT Information Technology Research Institute, the Committee of experts organized by the Chinese Chinese economic wisdom city (Zhengzhou) third new smart city forum, on October 17-18 in Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center held. This is an international and domestic large coffee feast of ideas, a docking platform for city management and benchmarking enterprises.

The topic of this forum is "

" Internet plus "new smart city". The meeting invited the relevant departments of the provincial government leadership, the city mayor, well-known academicians, experts, city information construction departments responsible person and industry stakeholders, seminars on the "Internet plus" and the new smart city construction and industrial development, the new smart city operations, information fusion, application service etc..

Chinese (Zhengzhou) third new smart city forum, watch the core issue, "" Internet plus new "smart city" as the theme of "innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing" five major development concept as the guide, based on China’s informatization and the development of new urbanization practice, explore new ideas new ways and new methods to promote China’s smart city development, for the government, enterprises, research institutions and the public to build communication and docking, negotiation and cooperation platform.


invited Yao Jianquan, academician of Academy of Sciences of Tianjin city Chinese wisdom IOT Information Technology Research Institute, Wang Jiayao, Lu Bingheng China Academy of engineering and other heavyweight guests, and hundreds of city managers, many successful entrepreneurs, in-depth study of "new Internet plus" wisdom city "mode of new smart city innovation business philosophy. Since the founding of the conference has been the support of the relevant government departments and industry chain, has become a high level of guests, industry attention, high social impact of high-end exchange and cooperation platform.

billion technology as the central region of the IDC industry’s first listed company (Stock Code: 831685) successfully co sponsored this event. Henan eon Polytron Technologies Inc, 16 years has been focused on the server hosting company, since its establishment in 2000, has been adhering to " service is the root forever billion en " service concept, to provide comprehensive quality services to customers of Internet applications.

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