Baidu’s site navigation station announced a crackdown

March 17th news, Baidu today announced that its website navigation site hao123 will be suspected of copying imitation hao123 Li Gui website action.

is reported that, hao123 has registered to the industrial and commercial system, the legal trademark, and Baidu and other search engine companies to stop the flow of cooperation with other infringing sites, breaking the source of income of the infringing website. Hao123 said it did not rule out legal means to launch a larger activist action.

hao123 was founded in May 1999, and mainly in the domain name for Internet users to provide services. As one of the earliest and most famous site navigation station, hao123 in the flow and load rate on the user’s home page has an absolute leading edge, useful in Internet users good reputation. However, with the increase of hao123 brand influence, in recent years, the Internet has a lot of imitation, plagiarism hao123 website name, structure, content or site code "pirated" the most serious infringement of hao123, including,,, Because of these sites in the domain name and website logo and hao123 only a small number of differences, and almost all of the content of the clone hao123 services, and thus have a great impact on the hao123 brand and normal operations.

For example, "

ago we received from a number of users complained in trying to enter the hao123 site, enter was actually very similar to the hao123 website of the fake website. The practice of these fake sites not only violated the interests of hao123, it may not be safe and greatly affect the Internet users experience." Hao123 spokesman said that in recent days, also found a lot of fake sites by the name of hao123 to use a variety of ways to promote the user to seize the home page or even hijack the user.

hao123 even more worrying is that some fake websites and even the name of their banner of commercial fraud, "said customers had received claiming to call hao123 service personnel service sales calls, with the promotion of hao123 business trust to buy the service, but only after the original is to buy their own so-called service fake website of course, the promotion effect is greatly reduced, which has seriously affected the reputation and image of hao123."

for hao123 activism, legal experts pointed out that hao123 represents a lot of websites generally faced with the dilemma, hao123 can use trademarks and legal means to combat counterfeit website infringement, infringement of the other is also the webmaster to follow. Due to the domain name registration agencies are not unified, coupled with the Chinese website was a lack of awareness of the brand and the relative lack of rights and interests, resulting in the objective of rampant Li Gui site.

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