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station is the first site I do, the first is the beginning of 06 operations, while using the Internet to download the program is the class alumni book program, integrated forum function is simple, but the entertainment function very strong, horse racing, song, gambling, community banks, and the site style sets, can be achieved each member in a different style to. But there are also local programs, is in want of perfection, news, style is fixed, if the pursuit of individuality is quite troublesome, because I don’t understand technology. The most important point is that the search engine is very unfriendly, the site to do a year, through the search site name can not find the site, the site can be seen to the extent of the program garbage.

in May this year, the new version of the site trial operation, the use of the SiteEngine system software for free. Function is not very strong, mainly based on news, forums. Including home page, channel, all is DIY, is in want of perfection little entertainment function inherited. A lot of plug-ins based on DZ or PHPWIND development, in the SiteEngine can not be used. Although the software can be integrated DZ forum, but it is only the members of the integration, experience value, points to all seamless integration, is not yet clear. Alumni have promised, will certainly add more entertainment, will be more than before, not less than before, because I see DZ has an entertainment plug-in can be achieved. Now there is still a very small DZ integration problem, that is, from the DZ tune out of the post and the news of the SiteEngine itself is a bit different from the surface format, not pretty. If this problem can be solved, I will be able to honor their commitments, ha ha.

in recent days because the school admission can work soon, many students want to know about the school through the Internet, so in this background, set the division Alumni Association of the two days of IP surge in traffic, traffic and traffic over Beijing for the first time in Hebei. Now the site has more than 120 alumni, I believe that with the graduation of students and new students, there will be more schools to join. Click rate and the amount of registration will reflect the value of the site, really for Alumni Service, is my constant commitment.

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