2011, the sixth annual meeting of China’s nternet site live online

May 21st, 2011 sixth Chinese Internet webmaster cum Discuz! & out of ten anniversary activities held in Beijing International Conference Center, the conference to greet the opening trend, grab the growth opportunities "as the theme, invited many Internet Celebrities and many grassroots webmaster more than 2500 friends attended the meeting.

  agenda for this meeting:

07:00-09:00 sign in and off time, demo play

09:00-09:10 moderator opening

09:10-09:20 host address

09:20-09:50 special presentation and speech: open sharing – open the door to the future of the Internet

09:50-10:10 2011 China Internet open ecological trend report released

10:10-11:50 keynote speech: opening up the general trend of thinking and business opportunities brought about by

11:50-12:00 Internet ten years (2001-2011) China’s most influential entrepreneurs award ceremony

12:00-13:00 lunch, rest

13:00-13:20 sign in and kick off time

13:20-13:30 host briefing and guests

13:30-14:00 keynote speech: open Discuz! Win future with you

14:00-14:10 "Discuz! X2" and "Discuz! Cloud platform" release ceremony

14:10-15:10 round table to open Tencent open business strategy and action

: how the Tencent Inc through the opening for the whole industry to bring new services and value, how to open and share third party users, brand and business interests, in order to build industry ecosystem, the industry has become the focus of attention. We invite Tencent to open the relevant person in charge of business, as we talk about the opening of the Tencent.

15:10-15:15 first round draw

15:15-16:15 round table win-win opening: welcome to seize the open trend of growth opportunities

introduction: in the Internet open system, each enterprise is no longer a separate unit of individual growth, but to share each other’s users, brands and business interests. So, what kind of opportunities and challenges exist between the platform providers and developers, the integration and the game? Open win is just an exciting slogan, or is a viable path to successful verification?

16:15-16:30 2010-2011 >

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