The business school from the information Cube officially unveiled big data perspective business data

In August 17,

, recently announced from the business school, the business school’s first electricity supplier industry data analysis platform — "information Cube" official debut. This is regarded as an active exploration of the use of big data to help businesses make business decisions.

as a business school from the important data analysis tools of this year’s flagship, the clouds and trend in the Hangzhou information analysis tools network company co developed in early 2016, from the official website revision has been officially launched in 2016 August, based on the original plan officially upgraded to become the business school from the industry big data analysis products "information cube". The business school and another store business data from the earlier introduction of the analysis of products "business compass" together, it’s sent from the data analysis of the two pillars of the. At present, there are hundreds of scouring and non scouring for businesses in the information industry data cube experience professional intelligence analysis service.

is different from the simple functional information, continue to expand in the richness of the data cube and product function. The information cube data from Taobao big data, has covered Taobao, Tmall platform PC, and all other wireless terminals, involving hundreds of data, to show Taobao and Tmall and multidimensional analysis of the whole network industry and sub categories market data.

product function analysis, market subdivision and market analysis, industry category benchmark shop explosion models and competitor analyses three basic business functions, and also supports Taobao keyword ranking query, train ranking query, search, with the money supply information monitoring a number of individual needs.

in order to make the data more simple and intuitive, easy to understand businesses and effective use in data show the dimensions of intelligence, try to do a lot of Rubik’s cube. Through the interpretation of the data, businesses can be very intuitive understanding of industry subdivision category overall market trend and consumer preferences, grasp the global data. And also on the target store pricing strategy, distribution strategy and marketing strategy of high value business and overall grasp of core data.

for rookie businesses, strong practicability "with the money supply search function, can help businesses quickly get the rookie under the category of the highest sales of explosion sources of information, and the explosion of packaging marketing strategy, to create their own explosion models.

from the focus on the interpretation of information cube industry trends and big data analysis, perspective and a full range of industry data. From the information cube like X machine, the Taobao big data industry perspective.

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