Taobao administrative micro-blog challenge the Administration for ndustry and Commerce Secretary yo

[Abstract] Taobao officials believe that the previous report is not only sampling too small, logical confusion, there are procedures violations.


Tencent Francisco January 27th news, recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the report genuine rate is only 37.25%. Today the official Taobao micro-blog to a 80 operation two tone issued an open letter to refute.

open letter directly on the procedural problems in the report named the Department Director Liu Hongliang, said the report not only sampling too little, logical confusion, there is also illegal procedure, and the truth "on the market is extremely important to avoid black whistle".

open letter also said that this is sample up to 51, while the total number of goods itself has more than 1 billion, in such a way of defining Taobao genuine sampling rate of less than 40% is Overgeneralization, "a business only checks 1, the rate of quality is about 0."

previously, SAIC announced the first half of the network commodity transaction directional monitoring results in 2014, the monitoring completed a total of 92 batches of samples were sampled, including 54 batches of samples for genuine, authentic rate is 58.7%. Monitoring results show that the mobile phone industry genuine rate of only 28.57%; Taobao genuine rate of only 37.25%. The three well-known B2C platform, the number of Jingdong mall, Tmall, shop No. 1, respectively, the number of samples, the 7 and the 10, genuine rate was 90%, 85.71% and 80%.

and in the world Internet Conference last year, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma has also been widely regarded as China’s view of the prevalence of fake Taobao challenges. Taobao reported sales of $200 billion in the year to June 30th. "Fake people, certainly never bought anything on Taobao." Ma added that consumers have the power to judge, "if there is a fake, daily sales of Taobao to 67 billion yuan (RMB)


the following is the full text of the open letter:

respect of the director general of the administration of industry and commerce network supervision Liu Hongliang, issued this letter, I think for a long time. As the saying goes: people do not fight with the officer, business and business. I believe my colleagues over the past few years, including now must seek to communicate with you again, I think they have no way. Take to the company through a catastrophe, the risk of being expelled from the company, for my own years of enforcement efforts, but also for those who serve me every day, from dawn to dusk the integrity of business entrepreneurs reputation, for you to beat.

at the moment, your leadership of the Administration for Industry and commerce network supervision department, through continuous sampling a series of reports, demonstrate the success of online shopping in China, how it is not safe and reliable, millions of online merchants is very cunning, five hundred million of consumers is how blind and foolish, made in China is how the general black crow.

at the moment, the domestic.

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