Stationmaster net broadcast Tencent net was kept for 7 days to handle renamed Dangdang

1 Tencent

net was shut down for 7 days because of illegal

yesterday, Tencent net website content strict, lax supervision, laissez faire malignant spread of harmful information, in violation of the relevant provisions of the "Regulations" of Internet news information services, Internet Information Office of Shaanxi province decided to impose penalties on its shut down for 7 days.

according to Western news reports, this year, to further purify network space, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, the Internet Information Office in Shaanxi to increase the effective management of network in accordance with the law, the organization carried out a series of special action to crack down and clean up the Internet involving terrorism and explosives, pornography, political vicious rumors and other harmful information, and piracy false media, fake reporters, fake reporters. Previously, have been shut down in accordance with the law website 8, shutting down 1, when interviewed 9.

2 Dangdang update brand logo as Dangdang  

October 20th morning news, business platform announced the upgrade "renamed" Dangdang ", in the domain of remains unchanged, delete the non keyword" net ", and launched a" Circular on the red bell "as a brand new logo.

at the same time, with the slogan "fifteen years Dangdang online shopping" enjoy "Dangdang" upgrade to "dare" Dangdang "". Dangdang brand official said the upgrade based on the following aspects:

image upgrade: 2014 is an important turning point in Dangdang, the proportion of non book business has more than 60%, the company is a comprehensive transformation of fashion electricity supplier, the need for a new image re interpretation of the brand connotation. Meet the requirement: with the electricity supplier industry gradually mature, consumers demand more and more diversified and personalized fashion, to upgrade, Dangdang need to adjust the new brand image, to meet the needs of users; occupy time: November 9, 2014, Dangdang usher in fifteen years, at the same time coincides with the Chinese electric double eleven Carnival opportunity is opportune".

3 to handle those group purchase what is this game player  

October 19, 2014, hisap has two listed companies, Nanjing sanpower group announced, has signed a deal to acquire handle network, the price is unknown. Who is the first to start the IPO handle network in the United States Chinese group purchase website, its valuation was as high as $1 billion 100 million.

This lets

I horse sigh, defeated Phoenix as chicken ah, was very influential, the first China handle network group purchase market, is a traditional traditional enterprise can be bought, the price estimation can not bear to look.

I dark horse for everyone to take a look at those who have been the scene of the moment to buy players who go today:

: high priced prostitute Baidu glutinous rice network founder LinkeIn occupation manager > quit

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