Just get a license, are excited to die

      I am also a webmaster, the site has 4, 5 years. But I have a different from most of the webmaster, I am not a computer professional background, I am not even a science student. I’m just a graduate of a college graduate with a normal drawing. I played the most skilled computer software that is Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Flash these industry software. But after 99 years of contact with the network, and most of the webmaster, crazy obsession on the web. At that time self-study HTML, using Notepad to write. Until 03 years to work in Shanghai, the company is the design of books publishing company, only I am familiar with the network. So the company will be the responsibility of the company information to me. From this moment, I searched for the cheap, easy to use BBS system, it is also the time when the network swept the world and I. I carefully searched the CGI, ASP, PHP three language advantage, decided to use the PHP program, and found the Discuz, when the 3 commercial version has just been launched, I persuaded the company to buy a copy of. At this point, I was just a rookie from HTML into a server management, community management, reading PHP code, the era of operating the database. Basically from this time, I was heading for a real career.

      I always look forward to do a website, like those that succeed, the success of the successful listing quanqian. But I also know that the most successful sites, the biggest reason is not how superior technology, but the opportunity. In the network world, the first to enter the people can get the most Steamed Buns. Timing is number one. Therefore, in addition to research site technology, I pay more attention to opportunities. But I have also be found and occupied, my field should be a bluest of blue sea:


      I officially launched in March 20th last year. Fun wave network is a vertical community, the face of the user base is the Chinese robot enthusiasts. This field should be enough: avant-garde) indeed, launched last year, when the wave of interest, the only domestic veteran robot enthusiasts community: Robotdiy.com, in the famous robot game player should be 100%, because the search engine in the "robot" search results ranking first or three. Inside member activity is very high. The reason is very specific, Robotdiy webmaster itself is a senior game player robot, repeatedly led to go abroad to participate in the international robot contest, Robotdiy a few years ago to do it. Such people to do the industry site, especially in such a blank area and so early a time, do not want to do it is difficult. So at that time last year, I did not even dare to think, to go to the Robotdiy to more than. I only dare to enter a subdivision in the field of robotics, robot soccer. This >

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