Linda analysis of viral promotion website promotion of QQ group

see this title, do not feel a little nausea. Itself to QQ group to promote this website promotion and a little way off, and viral promotion, have to add a sick up describe.

website promotion, has always been very doorway, It differs from man to man. a variety of ways, for standing and different, use quality, determined by a lot of details. And QQ group promotion, have long been favored. One is relative to the QQ group to promote the promotion, Forum promotion, more relaxed, more easy to achieve direct effect, because the chat in the QQ group of friends in the Q you send ads, don’t want to see see; another, QQ group convenient, a QQ user can easily add dozens of QQ group, send the ad ran to play QQ group administrator, nothing, a big deal in other groups, or another QQ number, anyway you a lot less QQ group.

but I have not been very much in favor of QQ group to promote this way to promote the site. Because, one is, QQ group in my opinion is a multi person chat room, with QQ private chat is not the same place, it is easier to exchange learning. Just imagine, if someone private chat link advertising what, it will be very disgusted, QQ group, if a QQ group is full of advertising links, there is no good communication. Second, QQ group promotion site, it is impossible to combine the content of the website to promote. This way out, rather, is a fraudulent website promotion, to link out, let the other people click, such flow I really can’t think of how much help on site. And in exchange, and indeed other people’s antipathy. The last time I wrote "Scholar: don’t fall into the website promotion error" also mentioned, to develop a website, if only to those traffic statistics and meet the vanity, not directly brush flow well.

today, I saw a picture in a webmaster exchange group, others sent, the picture is as follows:


(special note: this picture is only as an example, without any promotional meaning)

this picture, I really don’t know how long seen in before, see how many group, but has spread so far, why? Because this picture to a QQ group, someone will think that the information is true, then someone will go forward to the other QQ group. And so on, to achieve viral promotion.

here have to say another, that is, the kind of forwarding a few groups can get any reward or if you do not forward what punishment will be such a message. See this forwarding information in the QQ group, we all feel very naive very idiotic, but a QQ group of so many people, there will be a few will believe, then go forward to other QQ group. By analogy, the same virus type promotion.

this is probably now, after all, what we say here is the website to promote the topic of the virus through the QQ group. I >

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