Video version of Twitter, streaming video network Tout $26 million C round of financing

according to 36Kr reports, the recent streaming video network Tout announced the completion of $26 million C round of financing.


Tout was founded in 2010, headquartered in San Francisco, the Standford Research Institute (SRI) is a technology Spin-off Company, using web depth analysis and algorithm, and insert the relevant video, dedicated to the media, content creators and advertisers to provide media streaming network platform for next generation. According to the Tout more than and 230 content providers (including Fox, Sports, CBS, Wall Street journal, CNN Scripps, Conde Nast and Bloomberg) and more than 2 thousand and 800 sites of high-quality video content updates, and immediately announced to the top of their web, mobile and social platforms.

Tout is more like a video version of the Twitter, the user can not exceed 15 seconds long video information published on the Tout, see this piece of information people can not comment with text, but you can use video no longer than 15 seconds when commenting on the video news.

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