Li Guowei what is the PR spell

in the PR line of friends often do not reflect: media relations, the reporter teachers are elusive, today is industry reporter, a few days into PR counterparts, and journalists from the media, the original gengzhuobozi news about objective teacher, now run to tell you a the manuscript from media distribution package price, a price of thirty thousand." "The twenty-five thousand line? The budget is tight." The whole person feels wrong.


more importantly, the channel does not seem to matter before. Now the traditional media new media enterprises, since the media content teachers do not seem to cry piteously for food, the reporter press time, they own or fix, or spend money on public relations, advertising and soft, want to speak talk.

A scene of

and is often seen in the media, on behalf of the enterprise news release activities, is responsible for the operation, on the one hand is the enterprise activities boring too much, on the other hand, the reporter is not empty, for those who continue to leave to do public relations by colleagues, those written endless the manuscript, I have a well-known financial media friend, a greeting him all right, back is always, "Thursday, Friday to pay three more releases, there is a CEO interview, help."


said so much, that the media relations are also important?.

According to

Edelman PR 2016 issued at the beginning of the annual global trust survey report. In China all the respondents, the traditional type of media is still the most trusted news source (76%), higher than the search engine (75%) and pure Internet media (72%), less trusted two news sources are social media (69%) and its own media (64%).

traditional media still plays an important role in public relations with relatively strong credibility.

two years ago, a famous venture company boss on the "news broadcast", he tried to show in micro-blog, a piece of praise, there are a few people out, "" news broadcast "what is remarkable, cut." The boss replies, "you have the last time" news broadcast "ah." The latter is no movement. Grudge to anger on the "news network" is not a joke.

recently spoke with some of the B2B business contact, the boss always in order to let them try to PR in CCTV and a big newspapers online show, although this makes me think of Spring Festival Gala audience is the camera sweep smile those familiar or unfamiliar faces of applause, but also on the mainstream media is one of the important needs of enterprises first, is to establish a positive image of the enterprise; the second is to obtain some degree of political insurance for themselves, at least in the enterprises and individuals are introduced in an "on CCTV xxx".

is not only a private enterprise, the boss of foreign companies are also very value traditional media, and some owners even users >

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