A mom and dad in Bibb County said they are outrage

first_imgA mom and dad in Bibb County said they are outraged after a daycare worker was caught on camera grabbing their son by the face.Five-year-old Hastyn Murphy’s parents said their son was grabbed at KrackerJax Learning Center Incorporated on Wednesday, March 27. They said the act is disturbing by itself, but their son is also currently recovering from dental surgery.They said they’re not happy with how the situation has been handled by the daycare. Hastyn’s mother Alisha Sellers said her son told her that a teacher grabbed his face, squeezed it and hurt him.“I said, ‘well what do you mean?’ ” Sellers said. “And he showed me just exactly like this.”We’ve blurred images in the surveillance video from the incident because currently, no one is facing criminal charges. In the video, you can see Hastyn eating his lunch when a woman in a purple shirt who works there approaches him, grabs his face and pulls it up to look at hers.“That broke my heart,” Sellers said. “To see him embarrassed. That teacher in particular, she speaks very loudly anyway so I’m sure you can kind of see him look around and look back. He was scared.”Sellers said the employee was upset because Hastyn supposedly called her child, who also attends the daycare, a name. She said the surveillance system has no audio, so what’s being said at the time of the incident is unclear, but the video is not. Sellers said she thinks her child was assaulted.“I mean, I personally do not feel like a teacher should be able to put their hands on a child in that manner,” Sellers said. “Now it would be a different incident if it were like, ‘hey come on,’ or just gently grabbing someone, but for it to be that physically aggressive, yes.”Sellers and Hastyn’s father Chris Murphy said they’re frustrated because they think the situation could have been handled better.“I understand people don’t want their children to call each other names, but you should talk to that child,” Sellers said. “Not come at them aggressive and embarrass them. Pull that child to the side and say, ‘we don’t use that word and here is why.’ “Hastyn’s parents said they pulled their son from the daycare after the employee was not terminated, and want  to give a message to all parents.“I definitely do encourage parents to listen to their kids and if they are being that descriptive about something, use your parental instincts and follow up on it,” Sellers said. “Don’t just let it go.”Brent Police Chief Terry Nichols confirmed a police report has been filed on the woman seen in the video. When KrackerJax Learning Center was contacted for a comment, a spokesperson said they are aware of the incident and that appropriate measures are being taken.last_img

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