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center_img Username or Email Remember me Japan Unification Movement: At the invitation of True Mother on the occasion of the Dedication of the International Peace Education Center (known as Peace Palace) in Las Vegas, USA, and the special commemorative service for the 1,000th day from True Father’s Seonghwa, Japan’s founding 43 elder couples including Ms. Tetsuko Kuboki (one of the 430 Couples) went on a pilgrimage in America’s West from May 25th until June 3rd.The pilgrimage delegation was led by Dr. and Mrs. Eiji Tokuno, President of the HAS-UWC Japan, consisting of 19 members including 15 senior couples and Dr. Giman Lee, Executive Director of the HAS-UWC Japan. They toured along True Parents’ footsteps in America’s West around Las Vegas, receiving so much love from True Mother that they could re- commit themselves to going forward as filial sons and daughters.This content is for members only. You must log in to view this content.last_img

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