What is the temperature of nternet products

a recent article to discuss a question, how professional and fast to assess the quality of a product. The article said that the product is good, in fact, there is no uniform standard, because the product type is different, the evaluation of the quality of the product is different.


the current Internet products, can be divided into four types of operations driven, experience driven, technology driven and resource driven. We look at these four categories of products, respectively, how good or bad.

the first product is a product driven by operations. Such products have a common feature, that is, low sensitivity to interaction, high efficiency and sensitivity, in other words, the use of the line, not too good to look good. So judge this kind of product is good, it depends on whether or not. How to use it? There are two points, one is the core content to be good enough, two is the response speed and flow experience is good enough.

what is the core content of good enough? For example, a taxi drops APP, for a long time, the interface of APP experience ah ah, these are not perfect, because it is focused on increasing the number of drivers and the number of orders, this is the core content, it is to solve "with the problem. It is this that allows users to choose not so good-looking drops. You want to ah, if the user to open a taxi drops, found that nearly ten miles within a car can not play, then the interface again beautiful, interactive and then what is the use of smooth?

response speed and process experience is more simple. For example, you call a car on the drops, half an hour did not come to pick you up, or to pick up your process is particularly complex, then you will feel really bad. For instance, you call a Manicure division at the beaver family, but I have to pay is not successful, then Manicure division can not accept cash, then you must be crazy. A good operation type products, must be combed the service process, make the process short, smooth.

second kinds of products is experience driven products, these products are characterized by high sensitivity to interaction, said a little white, is forced to decide everything.

has a APP called detective, is a stranger social products, you’re on the head of a stranger’s fingers on the left slip on behalf of not like, right slide is like. This design is very powerful, especially simple and creative, suddenly attracted a lot of seed users. Another example of Facebook product form, it is easy to have the desire to produce, so in it, the user is sharing the life photos.

so, in addition to design, what other way, can make the experience products more force? Cultural atmosphere is a very effective way, because of the cultural atmosphere determines who is the seed of your users, and seed users of the product is very important, they will be like a snowball, bring a bunch of mutual recognition user. This kind of cultural identity gathered to the user, will continue to strengthen the product awareness and loyalty. Like beans

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