Recommend a simple and interesting Adsense promotion animation

          this is a very interesting, batch do animation. Found in black today, think it is very interesting to watch for website promotion or can! Here is a small modification of the original!

the following is the reference:

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
set fu= ^/ ^
set " kong=                                            nbsp;                                                                                                         "
set " kong2= ____________________________________________________________________________"
set /a a=0, b=0, e=2, tiao=0
set: a
echo. I   On the way to the web site……
for /l%%a in (1,1,6) do echo,
echo, kong:~0,%b% _!! @
echo! Kong:~0,%b%! ^/
echo! Kong2:~0,%b%! Fu:~%>!

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