Adjunct Faculty Economics

first_imgWork Experience Posting Details Education Position Details Hours of WorkTBA Posting NumberTSU202227 Grant TitleN/A Vary Position End Date (if temporary) Special Instructions to ApplicantsOpen to all applicants. N/A Essential Duties Summary N/A Hiring RangeCommensurate with experience. Successful candidate will demonstrate stable and successfulemployment history in a higher education environment. Official TSU TitleAdjunct Faculty Economics Required Licensing/Certification Teach undergraduate courses in Economics. Develop teachingmaterials, take an active role in the assessment process. Performgrading and reporting tasks accurately and in a timely manner.Assist with departmental projects and programs, and attenddepartmental meetings as requested. Performs other job-relatedduties as assigned. Adjunct faculty members provide qualitylearning experience for students and support the educationalphilosophy, mission, and vision of Texas Southern University, theCollege of Liberal Arts, and the department of History, Geography,and General Studies. Adjunct faculty members teach classes,evaluate student performance, and maintain and submit studentrecords in accordance with university policies. Adjunct facultymembers work in a collaborative manner with colleagues and adhereto all of the policies and procedures outlined in the TexasSouthern University Faculty Manual, Undergraduate Catalog, and MAPPpolicies.center_img Job Description Summary / TWC Summary Master of Arts in Economics or higher from an accredited college oruniversity or Master’s Degree or higher in a closely related fieldfrom an accredited college or university. Security Sensitive Position?Yes * Do you have a Master of Arts in Economics or higher from anaccredited college or university or Master’s Degree or higher in aclosely related field from an accredited college or university?YesNo Working/Environmental Conditions Teach undergraduate courses in Economics. Develop teachingmaterials. Perform grading and reporting tasks accurately and in atimely manner. Take an active role in the assessment process.Assist with departmental projects and programs. Attend departmentalmeetings as requested. Perform other job-related duties asrequired. Desired start date N/A Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Open Until Filled (overrides close field)Yes UA EEO Statement Applicant DocumentsRequired DocumentsResumeCover Letter/Letter of ApplicationOfficial TranscriptsOptional DocumentsTeaching PhilosophyOther DocumentReference Letter 1Reference Letter 2Reference Letter 3 Close Date Posting Supplemental QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). It is the policy of Texas Southern University to provide a workenvironment that is free from discrimination for all personsregardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin,individuals with disability, sexual orientation, or protectedveteran status in its programs, activities, admissions oremployment policies. This policy of equal opportunity is strictlyobserved in all University employment-related activities such asadvertising, recruiting, interviewing, testing, employmenttraining, compensation, promotion, termination, and employmentbenefits. This policy expressly prohibits harassment anddiscrimination in employment based on race, color, religion,gender, gender identity, genetic history, national origin,individuals with disability, age, citizenship status, or protectedveteran status. This policy shall be adhered to in accordance withthe provisions of all applicable federal, state and local laws,including, but not limited to, Title VII of the Civil RightsAct.Manual of Administrative Policies andProcedures % FTElast_img read more

The Wood Brothers Welcome Nicole Atkins At Historic Venue In Troy

first_imgOn Thursday night in upstate New York, The Wood Brothers brought their one-of-a-kind sound to a nearly sold-out venue. The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall is a magnificent structure that has stood on the corner of Second and State Street in downtown Troy since the early-1870’s and was added to the list of National Historic Landmarks nearly three decades ago. Beautifully decorated with a massive Odell concert organ as the stage’s towering backdrop, the 1,253-maximum capacity venue served as the ideal hallowed space for the old-souled Americana troupe.After Nicole Atkins opened the night with a short and sweet set, the trio came out feeding off the energy of a quieter and focused crowd which sat wedged in their wooden seats apparently designed for the butts of the late 19th Century concert goers. “Strange As It Seems” off the newest album One Drop of Truth was the first of six slower tunes pulled from their neo-folk-rock repertoire and was followed by “Two Places” from 2015’s Paradise. The multitalented Jano Rix picked up his Melodica for “The Muse” and then the shuitar for “Sing About It,” which both can be found on the 2013 award-winning album, The Muse. Oliver Wood commented on how the band needed to “ease into the room” and dedicated “River Takes the Town” to people around the country who have suffered from natural disasters in the recent years, which likely hit home for those in attendance that experienced the devastating flooding left by Hurricane Irene just seven years ago in nearby towns.The Smoke Ring Halo track, “Blue and Green,” was the last of a half-dozen slower tunes before Oliver put down the acoustic and picked up his electric guitar. Rix and Chris Wood fused together to create a haunting intro to “Tried and Tempted” that made Oliver comment to the audience, “Kinda creepy right?” Thanks to the light design–a thick, blood -red hue soaked the stage as Chris prodded at the bass strings to give one of their earliest tunes a horrifyingly refreshing feel. The fan-favorite “Postcards from Hell” was dedicated to all of the behind-the-scenes Wood Brothers personnel and was highlighted by an exceptional harmonica solo from Chris before he took to lead vocals for “The Shore.”“Pray Enough” off of the Loaded album was proof that the band felt comfortable in the historic venue, and led Chris to tell a story of nostalgia while the crew set up their old-timey single-standing microphone known as “Big Mic.” “The special microphone is made for a place like this,” proclaimed Chris as the bandmates huddled together for a somber rendition of “Firewater,” complete with a vocal hiccup from Oliver. Asking for, “Precision clapping only,” Oliver displayed his acoustic slide guitar ability during “One More Day,” which was followed by thunderous applause by the dialed-in audience. The impressive female opening act, Nicole Atkins, was welcomed by the band and crowd for “Angel Band” and her angelic vocals were perfect for the heavenly tune that was accented with a “Deck the Halls” tease by Chris and Jano.After “Big Mic” was placed backstage, The Wood Brothers were ready for some bluesy rock and hit the ground running with “Big Boss Man.” Although Jimmy Read is credited as songwriter, this classic blues ditty has been reinterpreted by B.B. King, Elvis Presley, and the good ol’ Grateful Dead, making it an excellent cover for any generation. Oliver ripped his new guitar that he called “Stella” and Chris delivered notes that shook the floor via electric bass. “Luckiest Man” encouraged a full-room sing-along and took a new form thanks to Chris Wood’s desperado-influenced bass introduction. Another reimaged original, “Twisted”, took on a darker tone than normal and morphed into Tom Petty’s “You Wreck Me” off the 1994 Wildflowers album. At the energetic height of the evening, most of the room stood up and danced to the set-closing “Honey Jar,” which saw Oliver navigating the stage like a rock star.A relaxed bassline that would serve as an excellent theme song for a detective TV drama introduced the first of a two-part encore with “Where My Baby Might Be”. One of the best things about a Wood Brothers show is that they enjoy keeping fans new and old on their toes. The Ways Not to Lose bluesy track took an entirely reinvigorated form and found the fanbase back on their feet to jam out. Upstate New Yorkers are no strangers to Levon Helm as he took residency and rest in Woodstock, NY–only a short drive away from Troy. When The Band’s “Ophelia” dropped as the closing tune of the night, fans sang along nearly overpowering the trio on stage. The well-executed cover can also be found on the “Live at Barn,” live album–a performance encapsulated in time from the home of the late, great Helm.Tickets for The Wood Brother’s Fall Tour can be found here.Setlist: The Wood Brothers | Troy Savings Bank Music Hall | Troy, NY | 11/8/18Strange as it Seems, Two Places, The Muse, Sing About It, River Takes the Town, Blue and Green, Tried and Tempted, Postcards From Hell, The Shore, Pray Enough, Firewater*, One More Day*, Angel Band*$, Big Boss Man#, Luckiest Man, Twisted>You Wreck Me&, Honey JarENCORE: Where My Baby Might Be>Ophelia^* Gathered around single old-timey microphone$ With Nicole Atkins# Jimmy Read Cover& Tom Petty Cover^ The Band Coverlast_img read more

For family, doctors, life and death were inseparable

first_imgDoctors knew from the start that the procedure wasn’t going to be easy, but when images showed the patients’ tangled insides, they realized that more than a surgical challenge lay ahead.It was 2016 and a team at MassGeneral Hospital for Children was examining 22-month-old twin girls conjoined at the abdomen and pelvis whose parents had brought them from East Africa to Boston in search of physicians willing and able to take on the profound complexities of separation surgery.The girls’ care over the following weeks involved some 200 people — physicians, nurses, social workers, technicians, and religious leaders — and a single, searing question: When — if ever — is it OK to sacrifice one life to save another?The parents, who have requested anonymity, had the final say. But doctors and other hospital personnel, no strangers to illness and death, were plunged into a wrenching examination of both their personal values and the responsibilities of their profession: the obligation to do no harm, the duty to act to save a life, and what happens when those concepts conflict.“My 14-year-old daughter just asked me … ‘Did you violate the Hippocratic oath?’” said Allan Goldstein, who directed the procedure as the hospital’s surgeon in chief. “I said, ‘First, thank God you’re not a reporter. And second, it’s a great question and I don’t know the answer.’”Goldstein, also professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School (HMS), got involved in the case when he was contacted by a nonprofit on behalf of the parents, who had struggled to find physicians with the expertise to separate the twins.The search had come up empty in their home country, where stigma attached to the girls’ condition had made it difficult to take them out of the house, according to a recent report in the New England Journal of Medicine. After the parents shifted their focus to the U.S., some 20 institutions turned them down before Goldstein answered the phone.“Maybe if you asked me, purely on an intellectual level, I would have admitted there was no hope, but I didn’t want to think about it that way.”Surgery on conjoined twins is rare, and such a procedure hadn’t been performed at MGH for more than 15 years. Still, Goldstein had been involved in complex surgeries before, and, after reviewing the available diagnostic imaging, he invited the family to fly to Boston.“They were desperate — certainly eager — to do something to help their children,” he said.Ethical ordealWhen the family first arrived at the hospital, doctors examined the twins, completed new imaging scans, and then began to think through whether and how the separation could be accomplished.The girls had faced each other since birth, heads and shoulders separate but lower trunks fused. They shared a liver, bladder, and intestinal tract, their pelvises were intertwined, and they had three legs between them. Their conjoined circulatory systems were most worrisome of all.Imaging showed that the larger and stronger twin, whose heart, lungs, and circulatory system were relatively normal, was supporting her weaker sister. The weaker twin’s heart had just three chambers instead of the normal four, and irregular blood vessels between the heart and lungs, a critical loop in which blood takes up oxygen and delivers it to the rest of the body.The most crucial connection was between the stronger twin’s oversized superior mesenteric artery, which normally supplies blood to the intestine and pancreas, and the weaker twin’s abdominal aorta, the main pipeline that brings blood to the lower body.Tests of the weaker twin’s blood-oxygen levels showed values near normal in her leg and lower body — likely due to her sister’s support — and reduced levels in her upper extremities, where she was more reliant on her own malformed heart and lungs. Doctors realized that if the connection between the girls was cut, the weaker twin’s circulatory system might give out.They also realized that, given the conjoined circulatory systems, if the weaker twin were to die, her sister would also perish.In this harrowing ethical territory, with surgery to save one girl almost certain to mean death for the other, Goldstein sought guidance from Brian Cummings, chair of Mass General Hospital for Children’s pediatric ethics committee, a physician in the hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit, and an assistant professor of pediatrics at HMS.Cummings turned to medical literature, looking for guidance from past decisions, including accounts of a 1977 surgery by C. Everett Koop on twins who shared a heart, and a U.K. case in which courts determined that a separation surgery should proceed if it allowed at least one twin to live.After review, Cummings and his fellow committee members advised that the surgery should move forward, with the parents’ consent. They also recommended that hospital personnel who objected to the procedure be allowed to step away, an option that several physicians exercised, asserting that doctors should not take actions leading to a child’s death, Goldstein said.Allan Goldstein (left) and Brian Cummings discuss their strategy using a model of the twins’ linked bone structure. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff PhotographerSeparation, and goodbyeWithin a few days of the initial meeting with doctors, the weaker twin had developed a respiratory infection that worsened into pneumonia. The illness reduced oxygen to her upper extremities enough that the beds of her fingernails turned blue. Admitted with her sister to intensive care, she received supplemental oxygen, antibiotics, intravenous fluids, and a nasogastric tube for food.It took a week for the pneumonia-stricken twin to improve and 10 days before the girls could be discharged. Six days later, however, the infection recurred. The weaker twin arrived at the hospital with a temperature nearing 100 and blood-oxygen levels of just 32 percent.“There was definitely a realization, from the ICU’s perspective … they actually might both die before we could get to an operation,” Cummings said.The illness heightened the urgency of the situation. One sister was failing. The challenge of assembling and coordinating specialists — including nine surgeons and two anesthesiology teams — still remained. Having spoken to the parents, who made their decision after consulting with a religious leader, Cummings and Goldstein accelerated their plan.The doctors opted to keep the girls in the hospital after the infection cleared, moving them from intensive care to a regular room, where they could be monitored to ensure they were healthy enough for surgery. The girls connected with their caretakers, Cummings said, singing songs and shaking maracas. They were affectionate with each other, the weaker twin draping her arm over her sister. They were also protective, one protesting and flailing her arms when staff tried to stick the other with needles.The 14-hour operation involved roughly 50 people, including physicians, nurses, and technicians. It had been carefully choreographed, with one team of specialists taking over, doing its part, and giving way to the next.Anesthesiologists calibrated the proper dose to sedate two children who shared a circulatory system. Plastic surgeons made the first incisions, heedful of how the bodies would be closed after the procedure. General surgeons separated organs, leaving intact the key artery the girls shared. Orthopedic surgeons worked to untangle the pelvis bones.Then, stepping forward again, the general surgeons cut the mesenteric artery. The lifeline between the twins was gone. “My 14-year-old daughter just asked me … ‘Did you violate the Hippocratic oath?’ … I said, ‘First, thank God you’re not a reporter. And second, it’s a great question and I don’t know the answer.’” “I thought about this over and over,” Goldstein said. “We probably knew there was no hope and yet I just maintained hope the whole time. We had another operating room ready. We hoped she would live at least a little while — hours, days — so her parents would have a chance to say goodbye. Maybe if you asked me, purely on an intellectual level, I would have admitted there was no hope, but I didn’t want to think about it that way.”But Goldstein and the other doctors had been right. With the girls finally separated, the weaker twin’s heart wasn’t up to the task and her blood pressure began to drop. She did not survive the operation.“When she died, it was very, very difficult,” Goldstein said. “It’s definitely the only time I’ve cried in the operating room.”After plastic surgeons closed openings in their bodies, the sisters were moved back to intensive care, one to start weeks of recovery, and the other so that her parents could say goodbye.A hopeful reunion Grand rounds have long been a tradition at Mass General. Unlike everyday rounds, in which a physician visits patients with medical students in tow, offering a firsthand look at treatment and care, grand rounds are less frequent and more lecture-like, a way for doctors to present unusual or important cases — details, outcomes, implications, and lessons — to students and colleagues.In the spring of this year, Goldstein led grand rounds at a hospital amphitheater, enlisting the help of the ethicists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, plastic surgeons, and others who had played key roles in separating the twins. It had been 13 months since the surgery and the family was in attendance.The girl was doing well, Goldstein told his audience. Her bodily functions were relatively normal, and she was crawling on her own and standing with assistance. Several surgeries still lay ahead: to repair a malformed leg and foot so she could walk normally, to correct remaining abnormalities in her pelvis and abdominal organs. She nonetheless clapped, waved, and charmed the crowd packing the room.“It was surgical grand rounds, which has probably been happening since the 1800s, and multiple people — some who have been there nearly that long — told me it was the best grand rounds they have ever been at,” Goldstein said. “Every time the crowd would clap, she would clap. We’d stop, she’d stop, and then we’d clap again.”The parents are happy with the health and progress of their surviving daughter, Goldstein said. He still thinks often about the loss of her sister — in sadness, not agony. He doesn’t doubt the right decision was made.“Step one was a willingness to hear a story,” Goldstein said. “This family had gone through so much. … It is what we do every day. Our primary goal is still to help people.”last_img read more

Reviewed: Pearl Izumi Veer Shorts and Jersey

first_imgEnduro, downhill, cross country, dual slalom, free ride, all mountain, and probably a few more I forgot to mention. Seems like today people don’t just mountain bike anymore, but regardless of your riding style of choice you have to be comfortable. While spandex is great for road riding, I like something a little more casual and flowy for the trail. People will say looks don’t matter at all, but it’s hard to not feel really cool in a pair of baggy’s and a relaxed jersey. All of a sudden your riding style goes from fitness to fun, not to mention you are more comfortable.I have been flogging the Pearl Izumi Veer jersey and short as of late and so far so good. This is Pearl’s top of the line mountain bike apparel and it shows. When testing this kit I did short rides, very relaxed rides, huge fatty multi hour rides, as well as a cross country race. I wanted to see how they stacked up across varying situations and honestly it is top notch. The Veer shorts come with a bib chamois liner. The chamois is super comfortable and the fabric used is lightweight so it doesn’t become too hot under the shell. I prefer a bib as I find it stays in place better than shorts. The outer layer shorts then clip to the bib using a simple snap system, which helps them from riding up or falling down. The shorts are a lightweight but durable fabric centered on ventilation. This really came in handy when slogging up those prolonged climbs. The shorts come with one front pocket, mesh on the thighs and sides, and elastic Velcro straps on each side for adjusting the fit.The jersey is a full zip relaxed garment that is as comfortable as your favorite tee shirt. There is no elastic at the hem or sleeves which is nice, and it has one back pocket. The fabric is incredibly breathable and when sweating or wet doesn’t stick to you or bind/bunch up anywhere. A nice touch is the jersey matches the shorts, so um, yea you look super pro with this kit.So final thoughts, Pearl Izumi had their head in the right spot when designing this kit. The fabric is light and breathable, but durable enough when you touch the ground (tested that this past weekend). The shorts are a good length and don’t go down to your calf, the jersey is incredibly comfortable and the full zip is a really nice touch for those 90+ degree days. I have yet to overheat, or wish I just had spandex on while wearing the kit. The styling is pretty cool too as at the 1st Annual Heard’s Mountain Classic this weekend I got compliments a plenty. People really dug the mesh on the front, and the pockets on both short and jersey.The short will run about $140 or $170 with bib liner and the jersey comes in at $100, these prices are normal for a company’s top of the line offerings. I am 6’1” and 162 pounds and went with size medium on both, and am quite happy with the fit. This summer ditch the spandex, get the Veer kit, and get out on the trail!($170 short and bib, $100 jersey); pearlizumi.comlast_img read more

Quality of life is greater than a paycheck

first_img 14SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Amanda Reed Web: Details Last November I had the privilege of crashing Big.Bright.Minds, and since then I’ve been a huge fan of Filene and The Cooperative Trust, so when I’m out and about I make it a point to stop in and see what else I can learn. So the joint CUNA and WOCCU conference in Denver was no exception.This particular conference I stepped into session called “Banking is Boring” and I wish I had been able to hear it all, but there is a huge opportunity for credit unions here, and while we’ve had tons of conversations about why the millennial member is crucial, I’m not sure anyone really knows how to entice them. While listening to this presentation I started to realize that so many of the points that were made were applicable to my life and yet, I’ve been given very little in terms of help navigating transitions or educating me on achieving long term goals.I’m not going to give away James Marshall’s presentation (you can reference it here), but I’m going to point out 2 key facts. A whooping 90% of millennials stated they had concerns about saving… 90%! Add to that many of them said they would trade a $100,000 salary for a $40,000 salary if it gave them a better quality of life. See a problem here? For many of us, the world doesn’t revolve around making money, but we don’t know how to save the money we do make to allow us to live out our dreams long-term.I started to think about how credit unions could reach this group of people in particular, and the solution seems so simple. Through volunteering. A key difference for credit unions is community involvement, but what if you went about it differently than just spending a day helping at one event? Maybe you partner with non-profit organizations or small specialty businesses in your area and offer budgeting courses to new employees. You’re likely to run across either people who are just entering the workforce, or employees who are changing careers and might need help adjusting to a new lifestyle. I said earlier this week and I’m sticking by it, if you can provide someone peace of mind when it comes to their finances they will be a champion for you in turn.You don’t need a fancy promotion or bells and whistles to win over the millennial crowd, you simply need to show them they don’t have to be stuck somewhere just to pay off their student loans. You don’t need to help them save up to buy multiple houses or a big boat, you simply need to show them how it’s possible to work for the next 50 years doing something they really love even if it means sacrificing something else. They fully admit they need help and are willing to accept it, but they aren’t going to go wandering around from place to place searching for it, so get out of your office and find them.last_img read more

Middle East braces for bleak Ramadan as virus threat lingers

first_imgRamadan is a period for bothself-reflection and socializing. Believers fast from dawn to dusk and thengather around a family or community meal each evening of Islam’s holiest month,which begins later this week and ends with Eid al-Fitr festivities. TEHRAN – From cancelled “iftar” feaststo suspended mosque prayers, Muslims across the Middle East are bracing for ableak month of Ramadan fasting as the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic lingers. But this year, the fast-spreading novelcoronavirus threatens to dampen Ramadan like never before, with millions lockeddown across the Middle East – from Saudi Arabia and Lebanon to the battle zonesof Libya, Iraq and Yemen. (AFP)center_img Ramadan is considered an auspicious period to travel to Mecca to perform the year-round umrah pilgrimage, which Saudi authorities suspended last month due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving the usually packed area around the sacred Kaaba empty. AFPlast_img read more

Newcastle to prioritise deal for Real Madrid’s star after takeover

first_img Promoted ContentWhy Go Veg? 7 Reasons To Do This8 Ways Drones Will Automate Our FutureAwesome Caricatures Of 23 Marvel HeroesFrom Enemies To Friends: 10 TV Characters Who Became CloseThe Funniest Prankster Grandma And Her Grandson6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A Drone2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?7 Reasons It’s Better To Be A VeganCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoFantastic-Looking (and Probably Delicious) Bread Art The report adds that Spurs have now missed their opportunity of a first refusal on the player, who has only scored two goals in La Liga this season and none since the 2-2 draw at Villarreal in early September.Newcastle have also been linked with a swoop for Barcelona-owned playmaker Philippe Coutinho, with El Mundo Deportivo recently claiming the Brazilian could move to St. James’s Park after the club’s intended appointment of Mauricio Pochettino to replace incumbent Steve Bruce.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Bale remained at Madrid beyond the January transfer window despite reports linking him with a return to Tottenham, while a transfer to China collapsed last summer.There is a stress on the recurring issue that Bale’s wage packet makes any move extremely difficult, with an MLS side or Premier League club the most likely to move but with Newcastle set to become one of the richest clubs in the world, a move is now feasible. Newcastle United will make signing out-of-favour Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale a priority once their Saudi-backed takeover bid goes through, reports Marca.Advertisementcenter_img Loading… Read Also: EPL restart suffers setback as Brighton confirm third COVID-19 caselast_img read more

JUST-IN: Mbappe goes on crutches as Champions League looms

first_img “Everyone is worried. Everyone who saw the foul is worried. Of course I’m worried,” stressed Tuchel after his team’s 1-0 win. “We have to be patient because we don’t have any news. I think he will undergo tests tonight.” A tearful Mbappe was replaced by Pablo Sarabia but the greater concern for PSG will be the severity of his injury ahead of next month’s Champions League quarter-final against Atalanta in Lisbon. Loading… Kylian Mbappe on crutches after the trophy ceremonyHe reemerged from the Stade de France tunnel later in the second half on crutches.“It’s the third game against Saint-Etienne and it’s a third red card, each time in the first 30 minutes,” added Tuchel.“It’s not all good news for us.”PSG face Lyon in the French League Cup final next Friday before resuming their European campaign in a unique straight knockout tournament at the Estadio da Luz on August 12.“I hope Kylian is going to recover as quickly as possible because he’s a vital player for us,” said PSG captain Thiago Silva.Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini said he was “sorry” to hear of Mbappe’s injury and hoped it was “nothing serious” ahead of next month’s European clash. Read Also: Premier League start date for 2020-21 season revealedSaint-Etienne boss Claude Puel admitted the forward was simply too quick for the 34-year-old Perrin.“I hope it’s a minor injury for Kylian. The intention was to play the ball but it’s true that he was too fast,” said Puel.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe was forced off after a clumsy tackle by Saint-Etienne defender Loic Perrin in the first half of Friday’s French Cup final with an ankle injury. Reacting moments after the match coach Thomas Tuchel said “everyone is worried” after the French star hobbled off  the pitch. Mbappe received lengthy treatment but was eventually substituted after his right ankle was caught by a clumsy Perrin challenge that resulted in a red card for the centre-back in likely his final game for Saint-Etienne.Advertisement Promoted ContentCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made6 Most Unforgettable Bridges In The WorldA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic Bombs7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?You’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of Anime7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty PennyTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The Worldlast_img read more

COVID19: England boss Southgate takes 30% wage cut as FA revenue hit

first_imgRelatedPosts COVID-19: NCAA to revoke erring airlines licence over non-compliance FRSC to Schools: We’ll arrest, prosecute drivers who flout COVID-19 rules Sanwo-Olu: We’re committed to fulfilling promises to Lagosians England manager Gareth Southgate has agreed a 30 per cent wage reduction according to British media reports after the FA’s CEO Mark Bullingham said on Monday that its highest earners would take significant pay cuts during the coronavirus crisis. The pandemic has brought English football to a standstill and Bullingham said the lack of international matches and FA Cup games will cost the country’s soccer governing body around 100 million pounds. “In the spirit of those on higher salaries taking the greater responsibility, the senior management team have agreed to cut their pay by 15%, with the highest earners in the organisation agreeing to reduce their pay by up to 30%,” Bullingham said in a statement here on the FA website. “We are proposing that all employees earning 50,000 pounds or more per annum will take a temporary pay reduction of 7.5%,” he said, adding that the FA could lose more than 150 million pounds in revenue if the situation does not stabilise soon. “We’re also looking into what options are available to us through the government’s furlough scheme as a contingency plan while we continue to plan for the return of football, once it is safe to do so.” The Times reported that Southgate would take a wage cut of 225,000 pounds over the next three months, while England Women’s team manager Phil Neville and the men’s England under-21 manager Aidy Boothroyd will take reductions in the region of 15 per cent to 30 per cent. The FA decision contrasts with the approach of some Premier League clubs, such as league leaders Liverpool, who said they would be using the government’s job retention scheme to pay some non-playing staff who are furloughed. Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United and Norwich City have taken similar decisions, sparking criticism from the government who have taken a dim view of millionaire players and managers not taking wage cuts while the league is suspended. Reuters/NAN.Tags: COVID-19Football AssociationGareth SouthgateMark Bullinghamlast_img read more

Ibrahimovic shrugs off coughing fit, trains with Swedish clubside

first_imgRelatedPosts Manchester United defender tackles thief in Sweden AC Milan coach brushes off Ibrahimovic’s angry reaction to substitution AC Milan produce another fightback to sink Parma AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been training with Swedish club Hammarby as the global football shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic continues.Even a brief bout of coughing did not appear to trouble him as he practised his shooting.Former Sweden forward Ibrahimovic, who is his country’s record goal-scorer and owns a stake in the top-flight Stockholm club, took a full part in the training session.It was a session which had a mixture of bright sunshine and brief showers of snow and hail.With Italy in lockdown and Serie A and other major football leagues closed for the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ibrahimovic has returned to Stockholm.In Sweden, authorities are taking a somewhat more lax approach.Plenty of businesses have been allowed to remain open and gatherings of up to 50 people are still allowed, with many of the country’s elite football clubs back in training.“He asked if he could keep himself going with us and we obviously said `yes’. I don’t know how long he is going to train with us and that obviously depends on what happens in the world,” Hammarby chairman Richard von Yxkull told SVT last week.As the Easter Monday session drew to a close, the 38-year-old had a brief bout of coughing as he prepared to take part in a final shooting exercise.But he recovered quickly and began smashing powerful shots and volleys into the top corner.Reuters/NAN. Tags: HammarbySwedenZlatan Ibrahimoviclast_img