Commentary: They Asked For Red For Ed

first_imgCommentary: They Asked For Red For EdNovember 11, 2019  Posted by jlkrull59By John INDIANAPOLIS – In a few days, thousands of educators, parents, and students will flock to the Statehouse.That has self-appointed education reform advocates all in a tizzy.The occasion is Red for Ed Day on Nov. 19. That’s when teachers, administrators, parents and students from all around the state plan to show up at the Statehouse to lobby for more money for the state’s schools. So many teachers and students are planning to attend that some schools plan to close on that day.Some members of the education reform crowd think this is just horrible.Even though they’ve applauded students and educators from charter schools or private schools accepting vouchers who went to the Statehouse to lobby, they say, somehow, that it’s wrong for public-school teachers, parents and students to do the same.This is an argument for more civics education in all schools – and maybe remedial training for adults, too.Last time I checked, the First Amendment’s guarantee of the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances didn’t have an asterisk by it. It doesn’t say that self-proclaimed education reformer were the only ones who got to go to the Statehouse to ask for more money.But that smokescreen is not what has the education reformers so upset about Red for Ed Day.No, what has them worried is that people have begun to figure out that none of their so-called reforms have worked.Worse – from the point of view of the “reformers,” that is – people also have begun to realize who to hold accountable for these failures.Once upon a time, “accountability” was a word the education reform crowd loved. The reformers said they wanted to hold schools and educators accountable. It was the state’s responsibility to make sure that every child had a quality education and, thus, it was the state’s responsibility to hold every – every! – school accountable for delivering that education.Another word they used almost like punctuation was “empowerment.” They said they wanted to “empower” parents. “Empower” students. “Empower” citizens who cared about education.These days, they don’t use those words as often.That’s because it’s now clear that they didn’t mean what they said.If they had meant it, they wouldn’t have removed charter and voucher schools and students from the accountability measures imposed on traditional public schools. Any time anyone casts an inquiring eye on how charter schools are performing or whether the students receiving vouchers are doing better in private schools than public, the reformers pull another curtain closed or throw up another barricade.Accountability, it seems, is for other people.Not for them.Their definition of “empowerment” is similarly selective.They love it when parents take an active role in their children’s educations – unless, that is, that active role contradicts some of their cherished but largely ineffective notions of how schools should be run.A few years ago, for example, parents around the state were so upset about the state of Indiana schools that they elected a traditional public-school educator, Glenda Ritz, to be the state superintendent of public instruction.The reformers were so thrilled to hear the parents’ voices in that election that they stripped parents of the right to choose the state’s schools chief.Then, when the person they recruited to defeat Ritz, current Superintendent Jennifer McCormick, began to say that the reformers’ plans to improve Indiana schools belonged in the science fiction section of the bookstore and also said she wouldn’t run again, they accelerated the plan to make her job appointed rather than elected.That’s some parental empowerment, isn’t it?There’s a cliché that says that some people play checkers while others, those who think farther ahead, play chess. These education reformers seem to be confused by tic-tac-toe.The reason so many students, parents, and teachers are coming to the Statehouse on Nov. 19 is that the reformers gave them no place else to go.Every move the reformers have made has funneled all the anger and frustration surrounding the state’s schools right back at them.They might as well have sent an invitation.FOOTNOTE: John Krull is the director of Franklin College’s Pulliam School of Journalism and publisher of, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Speech: Secretary of State speech at Exporting Week 2018 – Bristol

first_imgDiscover thousands of business opportunities. It’s a pleasure to be here in Bristol for Export Week.Being Secretary of State for International Trade is a job that takes you to every corner of the world, and I often find myself spending the weekend on a long-haul flight between distant markets.So it is a real treat to be spending Friday at an event held less than five miles from my own front door!Earlier this week my Department held a joint event with Facebook, exploring the impact that technological advances have had, and will continue to have, on UK international trade.The focus was not on new products and markets that have developed alongside advanced technology – although the UK is a genuine world-leader in these fields.Rather, it was about the way that communication and distribution technology has allowed small companies, and even individuals, unprecedented access to global markets.The effect has been truly transformational. The internet allows the smallest producer to find a market for their product, no matter how niche or specialist.We are living in an age where commerce is shrugging off geographical constraints. The term ‘multinational’ has long been shorthand for the largest global companies. But today it is something of a misnomer.With platforms such as Amazon and eBay now giving even the most modest SMEs a reach that rivals that of the largest international giants, we are fast approaching a point where every producer, no matter the size, has the potential to become a ‘multinational’.Clearly, there is a vast amount of commercial potential waiting to be unlocked.This matters to the UK more than most countries. This country is home to some 5.7 million businesses, 99.9% of which are classified as SMEs.According to the Federation of Small Businesses, these companies have a combined annual turnover of £1.9 trillion, and support around 16.1 million jobs – 60% of all private sector employment in the UK.It is no exaggeration to say that small businesses are the backbone of our domestic economy. And they have the potential to be the driver of our international prosperity as well.One thing that I have learned in this job is the sheer level of demand that exists across the globe for UK products, and the high esteem in which British goods and services are held.Arriving on an overseas trade mission, I am often greeted by an iconic British product that has beaten me to my destination, whether it is a red London bus on the streets of Mexico City, or a bottle of English ale in my hotel minibar in Singapore.Such stories will come as no surprise to anyone here today who has sold their product overseas.Research published by Barclays earlier this year indicated that more than 60% of consumers in the key markets of India and China perceive products that are ‘made in Britain’ as being of higher quality – and are willing to pay a premium for them.This is a story repeated across the world. And if we are to deliver a prosperous, economically secure future for the UK and its people, then it is vitally important that businesses of every size are able to realise these international opportunities.One of the greatest qualities of this country’s SMEs is their profusion outside the capital, and the way that they create and sustain world-leading industries in the United Kingdom’s regional economic centres.Take the South West as just one example.North Somerset has been my home for more than 25 years – so of course I’m not yet classed as a local, but I’m getting there!In that time, the regional economy has transformed. Agriculture, food and drink are still important – my annual invitation to the North Somerset Agricultural Show would be rescinded if I said otherwise – but traditional industries now rub shoulders with digital technology, advanced engineering and professional services.Last year, the South West recorded an impressive 12.3% increase in the value of its overseas goods exports, and local businesses vastly extended their global footprint.These have included firms such as Rockit, a manufacturer of baby-rockers based in Portishead, who have worked with DIT to secure a major new contract, expanding their sales to South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique.Coming on top of robust sales to Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, this means that exports now account for more than 60% of their turnover.I believe that Rockit’s founders are here with us today.Such stories of exporting success are repeated not only across the South West, but in every region of the United Kingdom.Take Retrogenix – a Derbyshire-based biotechnology firm that increased its revenue from overseas sales by 80% in the last year,…or Trylife, a Newcastle-based educational film production company, who are working with DIT to bring their films to the North American market.These collaborations between SMEs and my Department show that, while quality of the product will always speak for itself, government also has a vital role to play in helping SMEs to reach their exporting potential.To that end, in August the Department for International Trade launched our Export Strategy.In preparation, we held a nationwide business consultation, asking what we the government could do to help exporters.You told us that we should inform connect, encourage and finance exporting opportunities. So, we have appointed nine new Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioners, to deploy their expertise and shape our interaction with key markets.We have launched a National Trade Academy Programme, to teach the next generation of business leaders about the fundamentals of exporting.We have imbedded UK Export Finance experts in our overseas missions, helping to identify those commercial opportunities that qualify for financial support. In conjunction, we have also organised Supplier Fairs here in the UK, allowing British businesses to win international contracts in UKEF-backed projects.We have established extensive online communities of exporters and customers, and have re-launched the Export Opportunities Service, newly integrated into our online platform at we speak, there are over 23,000 export opportunities live on the site, representing almost every market and industry in the world.Examples range from a Dutch education body that wants to source touch screen computers from the UK, to a Hong Kong distributor who want British cheese for hotels, airlines and supermarkets in East Asia.Whatever you’re selling, there is someone out there who is keen to buy.The Export Strategy represents one of the most comprehensive export packages offered to businesses anywhere in the world. I know that many companies here today are already working with DIT to take advantage of all that’s on offer.I would strongly encourage the rest of you to do so. Even if you are already a tried and tested exporter, we are ready to help expand your businesses. DIT has a presence in over 100 countries worldwide, offering unparalleled access to opportunities and local expertise.Everything we do is designed to encourage, inform, connect and finance exports across the public and private sectors, and to transform Britain into a 21st century exporting superpower.The strategy is only the most recent development in the work that DIT has been doing to increase this country’s exports. And already, the hard work of government and industry is paying off.In the 12 months to September, the value of UK exports grew by some 4.4%, including strong growth in the manufacturing sector. Indeed, HMRC figures confirm that exports of goods have shown robust growth in every single region of the UK.In the same period, the growth in exports continued to outstrip the growth in imports, almost halving the UK’s trade deficit from £23.4bn to £15.8bn.And since the referendum we have increased our exports by £111Bn to £610Bn.Such figures show that the UK continues to buck the global trend, with export growth consistently ahead of the general expansion in global trade. It is an irrefutable fact that, globally, more people wat to ‘buy British’ than ever before.We have set ourselves the ambitious target of raising exports as a proportion of the UK’s GDP from 30 to 35 percent, putting us towards the top of the G7.This cannot be achieved, however, unless thousands more SMEs choose to begin their exporting journeyBecause all of our success belongs to you, our exporting SMEs. As I have often said, while we are concerned solely with international trade, my department is not itself an exporter. We sell nothing overseas ourselves.Instead, our sole aim is to create the most favourable conditions that allow businesses like yours to retain a competitive edge and thrive in the global economy.The final thought that I would like to leave you with, is that your success is Britain’s success.This may sound like a soundbite. But I am referring to the wider societal good that comes from a growth in exports.Recent research published by the Institute for Economic Affairs indicated that, through an increased tax take, job creation and other factors, a 10% increase in the value of the UK’s exports could potentially raise £20 billion for the Exchequer, funding the NHS, our armed forces, and the vital public services on which we all rely.I must stress that this is not government analysis. And there is much work to do if we are to expand our exports by 10%. But it gives an idea of the importance of exporting to the social and economic health of our country.So, as you begin your exporting journey remember – you are not only building a safe, secure and prosperous future for your own company, but for every person in the United Kingdom.There is no greater reward than that.last_img read more

Guidance: NHS injury cost recovery scheme

first_imgThis document is for NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts who provide treatment for injuries where costs are recoverable under the NHS ICR scheme.It sets out the circumstances and processes for recovering costs. It gives guidance on how ICR payments should be recorded in annual accounts.The idea behind the scheme is that those responsible for causing injury to others should meet the cost of NHS treatment. NHS costs are recovered only where personal injury compensation is paid, for example after a road traffic accident. Funds recovered come primarily from a third-party compensator or insurer.last_img read more

Widespread Panic Covers Zeppelin, War, Sabbath, Neil Young & More In Virginia

first_imgNow, we certainly enjoy Widespread Panic’s original music. Their 2015 album Street Dogs was among our top 10 albums of the year, and their recent all-originals performance certainly caught our attention. That all being said, last night’s show at the Chrysler Hall in Norfolk, VA was such a cover-heavy performance that it couldn’t go unnoticed.Throughout the show, Panic brought out Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold,” Led Zeppelin’s “D’yer Mak’er,” War’s “Four Cornered Room,” and Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf.” The last two were both bustouts as well, with an 169 show gap since the last “Four Cornered Room” and an 86 show gap since the last “Sweet Leaf.” There was also a jam on Jimi Hendrix’s “Machine Gun” thrown into this powerful performance.“Heart Of Gold”:Check out the setlist below, via PanicStream:Setlist: Widespread Panic at Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, VA – 2/23/16Set One: Heroes, Traveling Light, Pigeons, The Poorhouse Of Positive Thinking, Cotton Was King, Dyin’ Man, You Got Yours, Conrad, Heart Of Gold, Postcard (65 mins)Set Two: Christmas Katie, Good People, D’yer Maker, Surprise Valley > Blight > Surprise Valley > Drums > Drums & Bass > Machine Gun jam > Four Cornered Room^ > Proving Ground > Sweet Leaf^^ > Proving Ground (85 mins)Encore: Weight of the World, Climb To SafetyNotes    ^ LTP 10/27/2013 Houston (169 shows)    ^^ LTP 10/31/2014 Broomfield (86 shows)last_img read more

Vestal karate studio closes out of precaution to kick Broome County COVID-19 spike to the curb

first_img“I’m trying to set a good example for my student and families…do their best to get the numbers under control and just keep supporting not just myself, but other small businesses.” After being forced to shut down for months due to the coronavirus back in the spring, she’s now chosen, on her own, to do it again. Owner of Fairbanks Karate Kathy Fairbanks has been practicing and teaching karate for decades. Upon reassessment, she hopes to reopen Monday October 12 if not sooner if numbers improve. While her studio is closed, Fairbanks said she’s providing videos for her clients to do at home. VESTAL (WBNG) — A local karate studio has shut down for at least a week as a precaution against COVID-19 amid the recent spike in cases in Broome County.center_img Nevertheless, it’s a direction she hopes others in the area will follow. Right now she’s only planning on being closed for a week and said a longer option could be detrimental. Fairbanks explained Monday, “On Thursday when Jason Garnar made the announcement that he was urging, not mandating, but urging people to stay home, I put some thought into it and even though I told students we wouldn’t close again, I felt we needed to for this week… and if we can help to curb the numbers, it’s what we need to do.” “I don’t know if we’ll survive another full shutdown.”last_img read more

‘It’s fun!’: Underrated TVRI becomes students’ favorite during stay-at-home orders

first_imgMore than 45 million Indonesians students are holed up at home for the rest of the academic year, as schools close to curb the spread of the COVID-19 disease.Much like the rest of the world, these children face some of the longest no-school days in history, without much certainty of when it all will end.Some schools in big cities are blessed with better access to technology, allowing them to shift to doing schoolwork online during the quarantine. But most students, especially those who live in rural areas or come from low-income families, are stuck in limbo; some struggle with slow internet, while others can’t even afford it. But a new educational program airing on public broadcaster TVRI might provide a good opportunity for more students across the archipelago to do their schoolwork from home.On Thursday morning at around 7:30 a.m., cousins Bagus, 8, and Nail, 11, are already glued to the television set in their room in Cipete, South Jakarta, while devouring a bowl of warm chicken porridge for breakfast. It has been around a month since their school has closed down, but these days, they still have a reason to wake up early.Read also: Studying from home: Seven online learning platforms for studentsThat morning, they showered early and got ready to study.While their mothers, who work as housemaids, had already gone to do morning chores at their employers’ house, the two children were settled in front of the TV with books and pencils in hand. TVRI was on.Bagus shifted closer to the TV when the program Belajar dari Rumah (Study From Home) started airing at 8.30 a.m. Pak Ridwan, a teacher for grades 1 and 3 who instructed them that day, popped up on-screen wearing traditional Betawi clothes.He said it was math class that day. Soon, colorful triangular animations began outlining real-life objects on the screen.Bagus correctly guessed several names of objects that Pak Ridwan pointed at enthusiastically.“It’s fun! I like studying from TVRI. And there are cartoons, too,” he told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.Before Belajar dari Rumah aired, Bagus’ teachers at school would send schoolwork over through his mother’s WhatsApp chats and ask him to snap pictures of the finished task to send back. Once in a while, they would have video conferences with other classmates and teachers.The program had brought some much-needed color into the monotony of their quarantine study routine.“After I finish watching, the program gives us tasks. I will finish it right away and send it to my teacher,” Bagus said. The teacher will then check his work and they will discuss it via WhatsApp.The Belajar dari Rumah program, which began airing on Mondays to give students a change of pace during the COVID-19 quarantine, is the brainchild of the Education and Culture Ministry and is welcomed by many parents and children alike.The program features 30-minute blocks on a certain school lesson for different levels of instruction, beginning at 8 a.m. and finishing at 11 a.m. from Monday to Friday.It covers six groups of instructional levels: kindergarten, grades 1-3, grades 4-6, junior high school, senior high school and a program for parents and teachers.Read also: COVID-19: Central Java students demand ‘creativity’ amid boredom of remote studyingFelicia Lia Oktora, 42, a mother of two from Serpong, South Tangerang, Banten, said her children were also excited about the program. It was the first time they had watched TVRI, having mostly relied on western TV or DVDs for learning activities at home.“They miss school, their friends and teachers […] but they are really excited about studying from home because they can wear their everyday clothes and watch while enjoying breakfast,” Lia told the Post on Thursday.She hopes it will continue beyond the pandemic.The ministry recently announced that the program would air for three months until July.“Belajar dari Rumah is an effort […] to provide education for all during these COVID-19 emergency days,” Education Minister Nadiem Makarim said recently.However, some regions were still unaware that such programs were airing. Cicilia Mamman, a senior high school teacher from Nabire, Papua, said she did not get any information from the local education agency.“We are still struggling to study every day because we generally still use WhatsApp groups and we cannot track all of our students as some of them don’t have smartphones,” she said.“We also can’t do any video-conferencing because of the poor internet reception here.”TVRI acting president director Supriyono said the broadcaster made sure the program aired on 29 local TVRI stations across the country.With the largest coverage nationally, the station can reach more than 78 percent of the Indonesian population — three times higher than any private TV channels.”This is the time for us to once again become the public’s television station, serving students in this emergency situation. Not every household has money or the conditions to provide a stable internet connection,” he told the Post on Thursday.A study from the Indonesian Internet Providers Association shows that 64.8 percent of the total population of 264 million Indonesians were connected to the internet in 2018.The Indonesian Teacher Unions Federation (FSGI) applauded the government’s decision to launch the educational TV program. FSGI deputy secretary-general Satriwan Salim said it would hopefully help students in remote areas that have difficulty with distance learning.“But we have to remember this is only a supplementary material; this is not the main source of learning for students. Teachers must also prepare various materials for students […] Don’t make too many assignments that end up weighing on them,” he said.Topics :last_img read more

Auctions on the Gold Coast fetching millions

first_imgA local buyer snapped up the beachfront property at 2 Short St, Bilinga last weekend.Another two properties sold for more than $1 million over the weekend, including a waterfront home at Paradise Point.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa15 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days agoRay White Sovereign Islands agent Edin Kara handled the sale of 20 Drysdale Place.He said there were roughly 20 inspections throughout the four-week marketing campaign with three registered bidders on the auction day.“In that luxury market, having three registered bidders is quite good,” he said.Another property at 22 Buccaneer Court, Paradise Waters fetched $2.7 million at auction, which was the highest recorded sale last week. The property at 22 Buccaneer Court, Paradise Waters fetched $2.7 million at auction.AUCTIONS on the Gold Coast are yielding strong results with millions of dollars worth of property changing hands in the past few weeks.A 1970s-built beach house at Bilinga set the bar last weekend after selling under the hammer for $3.3 million.A local buyer snapped up the Short St property at the auction, which attracted a crowd of about 50 people. The buyer plans to rebuild a family home on the site.Marketing agent Troy Dowker, of Ray White Mermaid Beach, said beachfront properties were consistently drawing big crowds at auction. The home at 20 Drysdale Place, Paradise Point sold for $1.2 million at auction last weekend.First National Real Estate Surfers Paradise agent Russell Rollington said the home’s character attracted the overseas buyers, who flew to the Coast for the auction and inspected it for 20 minutes before it went under the hammer. WANT A FREE HOLIDAY? FASTEST SELLING COAST SUBURBS REVEALED “As soon as they walked in, they knew it was for them,” he said.He had noticed many interstate and overseas buyers looking to the Gold Coast for homes or holiday houses recently.“You get a lot more bang for your buck up here,” he said.last_img read more

Lady Wildcats And Lady Twisters End Up Deadlocked

first_imgFCHS Lady Wildcats showed a different style to their play and formation last night holding Oldenburg to one goal in the first half. dazzling goal saves by Junior Ashton Bruns with 13 saves held Oldenburg scoreless in the second half, tied at 1-1.The defensive stance with Gabbi Mitchum and Shelby Pearson with seniors Gillian Back and Maholli Offill were tenacious in there marks and containment. It came in the second half when FCHS altered their offensive punch to bring speed to the front line with with Grace Noble, Lauren Kelley, and Brylee Pace who created corner kick after corner kick, Then with a picture perfect play, Hannah Surber crossed into the 18 once that was blocked away but in the second corner, perfect placement hit an explosive headball by Senior Gabbi Mitchum to tie the game.Courtesy of Wildcats Coach John Litchholt.last_img read more

Lampard admits Chelsea missed Kante this season

first_imgChelsea boss, Frank Lampard, has admitted they’ve missed N’Golo Kante this season. “Looking forward, whenever a restart comes we want to get him in the best shape, want to get Ruben Loftus-Cheek in the best shape. “We’ve had slightly different plans for them but they’ve been scuppered with what we’ve had to do. The players’ health comes first, the mental well-being of the players comes first. “We obviously need N’Golo Kante back in our team, one of the best players in the world. I knew that before I became manager of Chelsea and know that now from working with him. read also:Barcelona prepare ambitious Coutinho – Kante swap deal “I haven’t been able to have him much this year and going forward we, of course, want him fit and raring to go.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted Content20 “The Big Bang Theory” Moments Only A Few Fans Knew AboutWorld’s Most Delicious FoodsA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic BombsPortuguese Street Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D Graffiti6 Incredibly Strange Facts About HurricanesBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeCan You Imagine Quitting A Role Because Of Dislike For W. Smith?Couples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo Loading… Lampard has lamented the influential Frenchman’s absence at spells this season. “We had four or five of those (injured players) when we finished playing recently,” he told BT Sport. “N’Golo Kante is obviously a great example because he’s played four or five incredible seasons in terms of his individual success and he’s been used quite rightly by his managers a lot “This season he’s played only about 40% of our games and even then it’s been difficult for him and I’ve really felt for him on an individual level. He’s been a huge miss for us.Advertisementlast_img read more

Heinz is May winner for fendered division voting

first_imgGREEN BAY, Wis. – No stranger to victory lane, John Heinz has earned another win, this time as voted on by the fans.The IMCA Sunoco Stock Car driver from Green Bay earned the most votes in the Sybesma Graphics Facebook Fan Favorite Contest for fendered divisions for the month of May. He’ll receive a mini hood from Sybesma.The four-time track champion and defending Allstar Performance Wisconsin State titlist is planning another aggressive schedule in 2014 as he expects to compete weekly at Oshkosh Speedzone on Fridays, 141 Speedway in Francis Creek on Saturdays and Seymour Speedway on Sundays.Heinz hopes his busy weekends this season will lead to a national title.“It’s our second year of chasing national points,” said Heinz. “We chased points for the first time last season and ended up fifth.”Simply changing his approach to weekly racing is what Heinz credits as his recent desire to chase national points.“We just wanted to try it once and see what happened,” he stated.“We ran against defending national champion Brandon Czarapata,” Heinz said of his fellow Wisconsin racer. “He’s cutting down this year so we thought we’d give it another shot.”Although he’s earned many wins in his career, Heinz was still in search of his first win of the season.“We’ve got a bunch of seconds, a fifth and we blew up one night,” he explained of the start to his season.Still, Heinz is liking his ride this year.“We got a new car, a Wolfe Chassis from Beaver Dam. We like it, we just need to get it to victory lane,” he said.As for the wrap on his new ride, Heinz is proud of the military design and dedicated it to a longtime friend who recently passed away.“Dan Conrad was a buddy of mine for 20 years,” said Heinz. “He was a Vietnam vet and loved the car we ran with the military theme a couple years ago at Super Nationals. I think this car turned out better than that one and I’m sure he’d love it.”In addition to his wife Robin, Heinz listed Cody, Justin, Bob and Scott as his crew members.Sponsors on his No. 57 include Blackstone Restaurant, Five Point Fabrication, Wade’s Pit Stop, Arrow Auto Parts and Victory Vinyl, all of Green Bay; and 21 Gun Saloon of New Franken.last_img read more