The ‘Magic’ of Disney? New Software Automatically Edits Video Footage

first_imgDisney has developed a new software application that can ‘intelligently’ automate the video editing process.You’ve probably heard of the “magic” of Disney. The following method created and developed by the research team at Disney has developed an algorithmic method for video editing that is about as close to magical as you can get.The video editing method was created as a way to edit multiple cameras angles together, without any humans in the post-production process. The method is extremely complicated, but in-short, it’s secret lies in the softwares ability to recognize action in the scene. Using some basic cinematography techniques like cutting on action and not breaking the 180 degree rule, the program makes informed decisions when choosing angles.This isn’t going to replace anyone’s job, at least not yet anyways, but it does show how the rules of cinematography can be used to tell a story.Here’s the explanation video:This video was first shared by the Disney Research Hub.Thanks for sharing guys!We’ll be interested to see how this technology progresses. As of right now it seems like this is just a process designed to help edit videos in a social context, but in the future who knows? We might just see this software make its way into the professional video editing world. Quite frankly, if a robot wants to act as as an assistant and put together rough cuts (that we can go in and tweak), there may be some practical applications for this.What do you think of this new process? Is this technology a good or bad things for pro video editors? Share in the comments below!last_img read more

IFFI 2018: ‘Institutionalise Q&A session with the audience after every movie screening’

first_imgQuoting Alfred Hitchcock, Mr. Veit Helmer, Director of the German film ‘The Bra’ said on Saturday that cinema should be about visual storytelling and that dialogue spoils the visual elements in that narration. The directors of the films in the World Panorama section of 49th IFFI-2018 — The Bra, A Sacred Gaucho, Phoenix, Autsajder and Nervous Translation were talking to the media at the media centre on Saturday. “There is no need to think how one can talk to a universal audience. If you talk about something very personal, then everybody in the world will understand”, Mr. Helmer further said, adding,The communication with the audience is very important and it would be great to institutionalise a Q&A session with the audience after every movie screening”.He also enquired about the possibilities of films from diverse places like Latin America and Europe getting commercially released in India.Mr. Joaquin Pedretti, Director of ‘A Sacred Gaucho’(Argentina-Spanish film), said that his film is based on a popular hero who represents the poor people. He elaborated that the film has been given its particular structure based on its narrative. “It is so important for us to have the world premiere in IFFI because it is based on the symbolic tradition of India and Argentina, as we have the same type of archetypes”, he said.Narrating the characteristics of her film, Camilla Strom Henriksen, Norwegian director of “Phoenix”, said that it is a dark quiet film for grownups, children being the film’s main characters. It is about children who are forced to assume the responsibility as adults because the parents fail to do so. She pointed out that the theme of the film would resonate with many people even though the circumstances can be very different. Replying to a question on how to make a film that can connect to each and every person, she said that if the filmmaker is specific about what she does, she will reach the audience she is meant to reach.Adam Sikora, Director of Autsajder(Poland) said that his movie is about a very difficult time in Poland. It’s the story of a young man in 1980s and how he faces these problems. Ms. Dennese Victoria, Cinematographer of ‘Nervous translation’ said that it takes a while for the audience to adjust to a film’s language to understand what the film offers to you.last_img read more