Mon Repos Market closed for “cleaning only” not repairs – Communities Ministry

first_imgmon Repos Market vendors are complaining that one week after the facility was shut down to facilitate repairs, there were no visible signs of any restoration done.However, Guyana Times was informed by the Communities Ministry that the Market was closed only to facilitate cleaning and sanitation of the premises and not repairs.It was reported that the Mon Repos Market was shut down for one week to allow repairs to be done and merchants were asked to remove themselves from the retail section. While some persons relocated across the Market, independently, to continue their vending, others waited for the restoration to be completed.However, when this publication visited the Mon Repos Market on Wednesday last, to view the repairs done, there was no discernible improvement. According to vendors, upon resuming their vending on Saturday, the employees of the Market Office were unable to answer questions that were posed to them as to why there was no significant change within the Market after so many days.Numerous vendors voiced that losses were incurred during the one week that they were not allowed to vend in their normal area. They highlighted that they were awaiting a response about the Market being shut down for ‘’insignificant reasons.’’‘’Look, you see anything in this market change? Is the same shabby conditions. Why they shut down the market last week? I suffer a huge loss last week ,man. Over the road barely gat space for couple people so the rest ah we had to sit and wait. You know how much customers I lose already because of this? Them locking down the market for some real stupid, stupid and insignificant reasons,’’ one angry merchant said.Another vendor said that after persons began questioning the actual reason for the Market being inactive for a week, the supervisor of the Market Office highlighted to them that they were given that time to sanitise and mend within their stalls. The merchant indicated that this was ‘’news’’ to them, since no one had so informedThe Mon Repos Market fencethem.‘’So after we start asking the supervisor why the Market shut down if they didn’t intend to do anything to it, she turn and said that the Market was shut down, so we could go in and clean and repair we stalls. This was news to all ah we ‘cause they never told us that. They said that we got to remove from the Market for a week cause they got to do repairs. And is not me alone hear that, is majority ah the Market.’’Meanwhile, when this publication met with an employee of the Mon Repos Market Office, she indicated that she was not allowed to speak to the media and refused to give any comment on the matter. The supervisor of this office is said to be on ‘’medical’’ leave.On Monday, it was highlighted by the Assistant of Minister of Communities, Raphael Hazel who spoke on behalf of the Minister, Ronald Bulkan, that according to the Works Committee Chairman of the Mon Repos Neighbourhood Democratic Council, Raghoo, the market was shut down to only facilitate cleaning.Hazel said that Raghoo relayed that no repairs were intended to be done at the Market during that time. He added that complaints were made by Raghoo that some vendors who had relocated across the road, refused to comply; hence, parts of the drains were not cleaned.“I spoke to the Works Committee Chairman of the NDC, Raghoo, and he said that it was a project undertaken by them from the 8th May to the 13th and it was just to clean the market. His exact words were “it was stink”. So they basically asked the vendors to be away from that Sunday to Friday just to clean it, wash it out and so,” the Business Minister’s Assistant said.last_img read more


first_imgBy Emmet Rushe: Entering a gym for the first time can be terrifying!The thought of starting to lift weights can be a nightmare.You walk into the gym, take one look at the machine and free weight section and……head for the nearest cross-trainer or treadmill, and who could blame you? Some of the weights machines look like a PHD is needed to operate them.But, for the majority of you, weights are actually what you should be doing in order to achieve what 99% of gym-goers want – to get ‘toned’.When you refer to muscle ‘tone’, what you actually want is to drop body fat and maintain or develop muscle mass. No, you are not going to end up looking like a bodybuilder, unless that is what you want.As a beginner it is important to start with a proper foundation. This should be based on large muscle groups and each exercise should work more than one muscle per time…….say what now??? Don’t worry; I am going to lay down a few ways for even the newest member of a gym to get started.Everyone has body parts that they want to focus on.For men, it is usually chest and biceps.For women, it is usually arms, hips and thighs.When people dip their toes into the weight training waters, these parts are what most beginners usually work on and they end up neglecting everything else. I advise new gym-users to work on the full body and do it 3 days per week……..Yep! 3 days per week!The way it works is as follows.A session should include:• one or two exercise for the quads (front of the thighs) • one or two exercise for the hamstrings(back of the thighs),• one or two for the back,• one or two for the chest and• one or two for the abs.Altogether this gives us 5 or 10 exercises to put together to make up a full routine.Complete beginners can do the 5 x exercise routine. Those with some experience of exercise can do the 10 x exercise routine.At the start, the exercise will be the same for all 3 days, as this will allow your body to get used to the exercises and the movements.So, it goes like this1. Leg press ( Leg Extension is an optional no 2)2. *Lunge (Leg Curl is an optional no 2)3. Lat pull down (Seated Row is an optional no 2)4. Chest press (Pec Dec or Cable Fly is an optional no 2)5. Laying leg raise (Sit up or Weighted Sit Ups are an optional no 2)*Lunge is technically a quad exercise, but done right it targets the hamstrings and glutes also.On each exercise you are going to lift an appropriate weight between 8 and 12 times (Reps), take 45-60 seconds rest and you should do this 3-4 times (Sets) before moving onto the next exercise.Example:Leg Press8-12 reps,45-60 seconds rest,3-4 setsThen move onto the next exercise.These exercises are mainly machine based. Once you start to feel comfortable with this routine you can easily swap the machine exercises for a free weight or body weight equivalent.These will take a bit more time to learn but are a much better exercise overall.As with any program, please ensure that you have a qualified person show you the proper technique for each exercise.If you have any question on starting weight training or for getting a tailored program based on your starting point, contact me through the link below.#TrainSmart* Emmet is the owner and operator of Rushe Personal Training and PerformanceEMMET RUSHE’S FITNESS COLUMN: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO THE GYM was last modified: April 13th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:emmet rusheguide to the gymgymRight moveslast_img read more