Application for home improvement subsidies, core houses begins Nov 1

first_imgTwo thousand, two hundred and fifty (2250) families are set to benefit from the Central Housing and Planning Authority’s (CH&PA) Adequate Housing and Urban Accessibility Programme.Senior officials of the CH&PA, including Minister within the Communities Ministry, with responsibility for housing, Valerie Adams-Patterson-Yearwood updated the media on details of the project at a press conference on Wednesday.Deputy Director of Community Development at the Ministry, Donell Bess-Bascom said from November 1, application forms for the home improvement subsidies and core houses will be made available. The application period will run for three months from November 1, 2018, until February 1, 2019. “We have allocated a three-month application period which is adequate time for persons to be able to apply and have an opportunity to benefit,” Bess-Bascom explained.Persons desirous of applying must reside within targeted areas of the programme. These include from as far as La Bonne Intention on the East Coast to Georgetown; Great Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara and Westminster, Rec-Door-Zee Phase I &II, Onderneeming and La Parfaite Harmonie Phase II on the West Bank of DemeraraBess-Bascom also disclosed that several pick-up points have been established for a swifter distribution of application forms. “All the local democratic organs or local authorities within the project areas will be used as distribution centres for application forms.”It was also highlighted that while there will be several points within the programme’s geographical area of coverage, the CH&PA will be the sole agency responsible for the submission of these forms after it would have been completed.Eligible and successful applicants accessing the home improvement subsidies will benefit from as much as $500,000 in building materials. Upgrades could range from roof repairs, walls, floors, wet areas (bathroom and toilet), expansion to alleviate overcrowding, electrical works, plumbing and sanitation, rainwater harvesting and modifications for persons with disabilities.Successful applicants of the home improvement subsidies will be required to take charge of full labour costs. These home improvement subsidies will target low-income earners and single parent-led homes. The CH&PA will be catering for 2000 subsidies.For the core homes, 250 persons will benefit, and applicants must be a citizen of Guyana and 18 years of age or older and occupy land issued by the CH&PA.Bess-Bascom also added that during the period of processing applications there will be extensive home visits for verification of information provided. Also, persons who would have benefited from previous subsidies (two or more subsidies) and core houses will not be considered for these two projects.According to Minister Adams-Patterson-Yearwood, while the agency is expecting an influx of applications from persons wishing to benefit from these two projects, there will be a strict shortlisting process that is likely to take as much as eight months after the period of application closes.“We anticipate that there will be lots of applications so when we are processing, we will have to prioritise… And, remember we are looking for the most vulnerable families,” the Minister said.last_img read more

Wii U GamePad hacked to stream games from a PC

first_imgOne of the bright spots for the Wii U is its crazy, touchscreen-equipped GamePad. While it’s pretty cool to use on some Wii U games, just imagine how much cooler  it would be if you could actually stream content to it from your own PC.You might not have to imagine much longer: a pair of presenters at the 2013 Chaos Communications Congress have demonstrated Nvidia Shield-like streaming on a Wii U GamePad. Now you can see the fruits of their labor — that’s Wind Waker running on the GamePad and it’s being transmitted to the controller from a PC that’s running a ROM in the Dolphin emulator.This isn’t the same thing Chris Manning accomplished earlier this year. Manning figured out how to get the GamePad working as a PC controller with the help of some clever server software running on a desktop and the Wii U’s Internet Channel. (Skip to the 47 minute mark to see Wind Waker in action)The new hack involved completely reverse engineering the GamePad so that it could be “liberated” from the Wii U itself. [booto], [delroth], and [shuffle2] began by dumping the firmware from the chips in the GamePad.Doing that allowed them to figure out that the Wii U communicated using slightly obfuscated WPA2 encryption. Once they had established a connection, they then had to determine how content was being delivered.Unfortunately, Nintendo wasn’t using Miracast — something many assumed based on information from Nintendo’s launch event. Fortunately the protocols for audio, video, and input turned out to be relatively simple to crack.No, the GamePad isn’t the glorious high-resolution streaming handheld that the Nvidia Shield is… but if you already own a Wii U you may as well squeeze every drop of functionality out of it that you can, right? If you’re just looking for a way to play some of your favorite classics without being stuck in front of your desktop monitors, the GamePad’s 854 x 480 resolution will probably do just fine anyway.The trio’s now offering up an alpha version of libdrc, which they’ve released under a BSD license so that any developers who want to can quickly and easily integrated GamePad support in their applications.last_img read more