Councilman says Mason City will look into whether fireworks ordinance needs to be changed (AUDIO)

first_imgKGLO News · Ask the Mayor — July 8, 2020 — Mason City councilman/Mayor Pro-Tem Paul Adams MASON CITY — A Mason City city councilman says the council will once again be taking a look at the city’s fireworks ordinance. The current ordinance allows for fireworks to be detonated between 6:00 and 11:00 PM on July 3rd and 4th in most areas of the community. Councilman Paul Adams says this year may have been the worst when it came to the illegal use of fireworks.   “We were told early on, back in June 2017, there were some comments made that the novelty was going to wear off at some point, and people won’t be as excited to do them each year. I don’t think that has happened at all. I still support a complete ban.” The argument can be made that even with a complete ban on usage of fireworks, there will still be issues since the sale of fireworks is mandated by state law. Adams says he’ll be pushing for trying a total ban. “I guess we won’t know until we try. I know the things we’ve tried so far in the last four years really haven’t worked. So I’m still at the point to push for a complete ban and see if it works. It certainly makes law enforcement’s job easier, there’s no gray area there, they’re banned from Mason City, you cannot light them off, so the excuse that people didn’t know what the times were and what the legal days were goes out the window at that point.”Adams says the council will hear a presentation about fireworks from Police Chief Jeff Brinkley at their July 21st meeting. Adams made his comments on the “Ask the Mayor” program on AM-1300 KGLO earlier today. Listen back to the program via the audio player belowlast_img read more