Three special sunspot but very successful Shanghai Dragon View

Shanghai dragon road is confused and tortuous, because you never know the true search engine ranking factors, Shanghai dragon’s experience is accumulated out of millions of owners through practice and exploration, now content and outreach has been successfully recognized two magic Shanghai dragon, but sunspot in practical work has met with some the Shanghai dragon out of the ordinary way out for everyone to share, hope to enlighten you.


, first three months read more

What are the main forms of waste user time site

but there are always those who do not hit the back wall is not a webmaster, they always think in the operation of the site such as opportunistic, by setting a number of ads to trick users to click, or by setting the threshold, to entice users to stay longer on the site, so that love Shanghai has a wrong judgment, and enhance the site the weight, but it also greatly damage the user experience at the same time, in the background of innovation under the Shanghai love algorithm, this trick will soon be identified, eventually following the analysis of The loss outweighs the gain., some websites about several common form of waste user time. read more

Examples of sharing sites on the day included and ranking (1)

website in the construction and selection of the module program and not too many features, but in the construction of the early desalt of Shanghai Longfeng factors. After all, in the search engine advocate user experience today, if the site is full of strong flavor of how to optimize, its approval? Dragon know the website will give good treatment in the early online search engine, in order to maintain the image of the perfect website, the website in the design process in addition to Shanghai dragon is about desalination the user experience, pay more attention to the design of the interface to the user if leaving the first feeling better. Good design is the first step of website optimization, based on all kinds of views on the web page design decided to adopt a new idea. read more

10 thousand yuan cost a grassroots nternet entrepreneurial confessionshop story 17 butterfly orchid

, a "no three" Internet grassroots entrepreneurs, to vertical sites as the fulcrum, pry O2O practice road, and entrepreneurship at the beginning of only 10 thousand yuan, almost shut down the cost of the site.

shop address:

butterfly flagship store recruiting long-term cooperation Taobao customers, the maximum commission ratio of up to 70%

refers to vertical communities, which people always assume that vertical communities are a platform, especially for operators. From our actual experience, this knowledge is a little off the mark. I think the vertical community often plays the role of a fulcrum, the relationship between the site and the industry is a lever, and web operators are leveraged people. The industry has its own law of development, and the fulcrum placed in what position, the lever is long enough and strong enough, these three determine a vertical community can eventually achieve much success. The philosophy behind our theory of this fulcrum is that people tend to believe what they do. Objectively speaking, our team’s individual combat capability is not strong, especially in the negotiation ability is very weak, so we need to do a lot of things, so that customers and suppliers trust. read more

How to do the B2B website search engine optimization

(2) released a lot of information to be included in search engines. With the increase of the amount of supply and demand information, a large number of new information released in the rolling update, but also a lot of new information to wait for search engines has been rolling under the multi-level directory, and because the site hierarchy design unreasonable, even if all the pages are transformed into a static page, may still cause information indexed by search engines.

(3) constraints of dynamic web pages. The leading website already after website optimization transformation to achieve static processing all the information, but B2B website development today, there are still a large number of websites using the technology of dynamic web pages, or even the main columns and two columns are dynamically generated, get any advantage of dynamic web site in the search engine that is not the natural search results, even if the web page is included in the search engine, it is difficult to get any advantage than other similar static web content, as a result, through the search engine search visits bring natural more and less. read more

n depth analysis of aristocratic tough baby Webmaster Tools



implementation to facilitate analysis of the site of the internal linksWhen we

no matter whether you are engaged in the website optimization work, as long as you are a webmaster, as long as you want to introduce traffic to your site by noble baby, so noble baby Webmaster Tools site data analysis has the absolute reference meaning for you. General site optimization personnel on the website of the statistical data will be integrated through the analysis of multiple tools, and the data is not accurate, although there is no single webmaster tools software as detailed, but the statistics are quite accurate, quite typical, quite powerful, the following is a summary of the author’s noble baby webmaster tools some strong points: read more

Case a limitation of information in this article do not promote drainage in one thousand P

from above, you can see the time is from February 6th to March 31st, the search term ear Day promotional materials from Shanghai in April 1098 love, of course when there is flow in, and in the search words are not the same, including some of the long tail word, bloggers estimate about 1500 or so, but why bloggers only marked two.

if you have love in Shanghai in search of love day promotional materials, you will find that it is the sixth row in the home page, click go to see the article, carefully you will find that this article is integrated, but why integration of articles can be ranked so well, I think you need to see more love Shanghai webmaster information. read more

Free blog can still is the main force in the construction of the chain

then training weights

I didn’t use mass tools, so that the weight of the blog will be relatively high, but later proved his idea was wrong. Weight height and mass blog has no direct relationship or not, if you mass content is unique, so you can cultivate a high weight blog. My hands about 15 blogs, because the update is not normal, so a lot of updates for a long time is not included, even if is the original, but the weight is very poor, so this will give us a good reminder, if the content of the original three months post, so there is little effect, so the free blog there is no shortcut to weight training, only one is sent to. Persist in a few months, the weight will be promoted. read more

2013 Shanghai Shanghai dragon company love changing place to change ideas

second: Shanghai dragon company should pay attention to cultivate their own talents, set up the strength of the team

enterprise website market has almost reached saturation, so the business is less and less, the local network, plus more, of course, are some small Internet companies compete as can be imagined. Strong business, okay, generally need to have extensive contacts, so it is more easy to talk about business, but some small network studio did not accumulate many relationships, so easy to become more difficult, customers generally do not choose a network company is not known. Shanghai Longfeng optimization company should focus on the optimization of business it? In fact, with the changes of customers’ demands, many customers have to give up the Shanghai dragon, because the customer is to order, or is a business consulting station every day, and these things are not about to Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, saying: Enterprises need to integrate network marketing, Shanghai dragon company can only try to transition. Master several network marketing, perfect and the Shanghai dragon together, really help businesses to sell their products on the Internet, so that customers really need you. read more

A complete solution including what factors in Shanghai Dragon

called, baizhanbudai, is practical for many industries, after analyzing the words, we are going to analyze the competition site conditions of the opponent, we look at how big the gap, be aware of some of the main Shanghai Longfeng analysis of the web site, for example, included in the site scale, the PR value, domain name age, the domain name have you ever done any other station, the content of the site layout, the main content of the source, the original, and nofollow, etc., in the station anchor text and brand awareness, are to be recorded. read more

How hackers invade your website

1.DNS (A, NS, TXT records, MX and SOA)

3. domain name registration information (which owns the domain name

EMAILThe operation of

IP address: – this is our target server IP address.

web server (Apache, IIS, Tomcat)

7. server open ports (80443,21,

If your site is

: hack-test贵族宝贝

We got a

let’s check the type of web server:

6. server (Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris)

Same IP

5. on your website script type (PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, CFM) read more

After the Spring Festival enterprise stand ranking dropped to 100 and the analysis

before the Spring Festival for many webmaster of the site, with strict in demands seriously, the maintenance of Web site every hour and moment in the article, of course I also like this. However, after the spring festival food eating late sleep, indescribably more comfortable, but the content of the website an annual leave not to update, you need to know is not the spider robot is not to rest, unless the company failed to love Shanghai.

whether you maintenance outside the stationThe

chain is crucial for the website, can improve the weight, improve, update snapshot ranking advantage. The Spring Festival is on the site if you had any of the chain? Many say I do, there are a lot of people do not say, the person that do not certainly be punished in Shanghai after the update, so during the holidays don’t maintain the site outside the chain directly affect website ranking. read more

How that included mechanism to elevate the amount included love Shanghai

love Shanghai search engine has a commonly known as the "spider" automatic program (English name is "Baiduspider"), its role is to visit on the Internet web pages, pictures, videos and other content, establish the index database, users can search in the search engine in Shanghai love to your web pages, pictures, video etc. content. The basic working principle of the search engine comprises the following three steps: first on the Internet found, collect web information; at the same time, the information extraction and indexing organization; then the search query keywords according to user input, fast detection document library in the index, the related evaluation document and query, sort of will the output, and the query results returned to the user. read more

Experience of enterprise network marketing and website promotion.

is high, the high cost of traffic, but the conversion rate is not high, can be reduced by way of bid keywords in bidding on the right-hand column. This is also the main keywords Shanghai Longfeng optimization, especially the competition of brand keywords. For example, you do XXX products, you have a SIEMENS brand competition product, called the SIEMENS XXX. At this time, you find SIEMENS XXX hits, some of you want to strive for the customers for your products and brands do some understanding. This > read more

Friends of Shanghai dragon breakthrough confused period of several ideas to share

, my friend’s website is the main business of accommodation, but mainly to Phoenix Town tourism is user demand. If the inn can contact some local students as a private tour guide or provide tourist guide for tourists as a reference, then it is very competitive compared to other peers and the difference between.

Shanghai Longfeng do, most of them will be two phenomena: 1. keywords ranking is stable, fixed flow does not know what to do next. 2. every keyword ranking is still there. As a webmaster you have so confused? Today the wedding of Xi’an small series with a personal case, it provides some ideas for you to break through the confusion. read more

2012 mobile nternet start-ups cause of death too platform, too toolHow to see the benefits of new T

I’m standing here for pretty shopping, and the address is on shlf1314 or sh419 search shinybuy. Thank you very much for this

is not just LBS, the big part of mobile Internet product entrepreneurship – social and sharing, too, facing the despair of oversupply. In this case the deaths this year more: imitation of the path bit, the stranger social flash together, random voice products and so on…… Similarly, when these products are discontinued, they can not be said to be short of money, but they have not been able to see any possible increase. Not only does not have the future, even now has lost. read more

Noble baby Zeitgeist 2011 search list released to gorgeous interface



Steve Jobs: Apple’s co-founder and CEO

Ryan Dunn: in reality TV is famous, because of a car accident killed

is a global search ranking, you can also view the 10 keyword per month according to the country and the earth’s search rankings, such as China in mainland China:

iPad2: the second generation of iPad tablet computer

Battlefield 3:EA first person shooter

Yang Mi




Zhao Benshan

Casey Anthony, accused of killing 2 year old daughter’s mother, eventually a murder was sentenced to was not read more

How to analyze the correct data of large and small site outside the chain

will be the owners outside the chain of tools in Chinese estimation are rarely applied to the optimization of Shanghai dragon outside the chain of tools, outside the chain of tools will be actually is set to the original YAHOO chain based on data backup, for the optimization of personnel is quite good, especially recommend this, will be from outside the chain of Tools >

2. good search chain management

1. love Shanghai webmaster link analysis

love Shanghai webmaster chain analysis tool is the love of Shanghai launched a new algorithm based on the link set, the crackdown on spam a function for the chain too much will also receive negative weights, then we need to love Shanghai given link information to conduct a comprehensive analysis, that is some high quality links, links those may bring negative information, keep high quality links, remove negative information links, these sites can be a healthy development, to enhance the ranking will enhance the quality, rather than blindly to link and link. [Note: fall in love with the sea in July 3rd to cancel the refuse chain function] read more

Analysis of the relationship between the structure and the weights of the site link


similarly to how to allocate water to farmers plant, we can find a good site structure can help link weights to all the web pages you, help them to have a good ranking. The most common problem of the site structure and behavior can be seen as the dam, all link weights are blocked in the front page of the site, does not allow its sub categories and content pages link weight distribution. Recently, our customers have a problem. They have a direct link to the thousands of them ", but they did not have the site index assigned to sub categories and content pages link weight distribution. This is because when they were no good web framework, resulting in a large number of link weight on home page. Therefore, not only to get high quality links to your site, do website construction to achieve the distribution of link weight is more important, so all the pages of the site has good rankings. read more

After love Shanghai launch your algorithm Scindapsus, Shanghai dragon plans change


love Shanghai combat the promotion of soft paper, then, we can write some soft Wen, the less number of points. If you love Shanghai against reproduction, we don’t go to reprint articles others link with their own. If you love Shanghai to combat spam messages, the forum replies, so we can answer a sincere message. If love is a sign that Shanghai garbage outside the chain. Then we might also be able to do less. Because of love, since Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm after the launch, there are still people who do the signature of the chain. If not, why there are still people to do. In fact, love Shanghai hit the signature of the chain is that the mass message software and some spam messages, for example, good support, etc.. In fact, we can carefully read the article, then their own reading experience to write, this signature is not very good. If you fall in love with the sea really even this signature chain are blocked, I can only say to love Shanghai Speechless. read more