Some thoughts on the conversion rate of websites

do network promotion, SEO also has six months, first do enterprise stand, now do online shopping class site, every day listen to conversion rate, PV those words. Sometimes feel very distressed, because every webmaster is thinking how to improve these various indicators. Especially as online store category, high conversion rate means high sales volume, which means the end of the year a little extra bonus. But we usually do it have really noticed the deep source of these targets? Thought the cause of these data? Today I share with you about the site conversion rate, my thoughts. read more

Some suggestions for the student stationmaster

              really are small, if you are a student of words, if you have a few minutes to spare time, may wish to read this article, see if there is a little help. Definition: my students here is relatively narrow, my understanding is: more than 16 years of age, in the domestic colleges and universities in the school student in college, vocational technical school, undergraduate and graduate students. As long as you are in the domestic school students, as long as you do a serious station, can be summed up as the ranks of student leaders. read more

The webmaster is not forgotten but nothing

this article should have been written in May 3rd, but has not been written for a variety of reasons. Today, seeing again until early in the morning, but also put the code out of this article, we look at the smile is good, also welcome different views.

May 2nd, 28 push evergreen released a blog, you can see the specific content. In the QQ group stand in a row in some friends asked the guardian: home owners and owners from A5 more and more far? Followed by the A5 forum to cancel the signature of this function, this is followed by the chain on judge another blow. More and more webmaster caught in confusion, the site is becoming more and more difficult to do? In this regard, the guardian also issued their views. read more

Sum up 6 years of experience in operating a web site in a web company

Hello everyone, today I am very happy to work in the network company for 6 years, the company has a lot of website traffic is very high, of course, I also set up a website, now is independent on ip5000, if your site can have the IP number, then congratulations, you have been successful in half, from the start don’t make much money, must be in stable and do not engage in what cheating in violation of the search engine operation, then the tragedy of grassroots we really vulnerable! We put hard run of site traffic to the 5000ip to learn to cherish, cherish their efforts to get the results, because of different 2003-05 at that time, a few simple single page can get 1 days of 1 thousand yuan of income, it is not bragging, that is a lot of master can achieve revenue is now different, before The Internet is at a low stage, many cases are not predictable, and now Internet advertising across the country have continued to shrink, because advertisers now pay attention to two words, high efficiency! Benefits for advertisers, who will invest a lot of money by advertising, to our website the main bag, but now, a lot of the cost of advertising to our website, the hand of the Lord, we can bring benefits to the main focus of advertising, this is the problem of read more

Since the media, several ways to quickly upgrade

micro quotient, from the media these two concepts, is the hottest in the past two years. Micro business claims to have millions of practitioners, from the media is also a minority. Why so many people are crazy to join, a word! Jingxiaxinlai think, a lot of people out of the suit, seeing others profit, they rush on like a swarm of hornets. The result can be imagined, wait for passion to die, still be what should do?.

what kind of person is good for media?

1, can write, dare to write, no matter write good or bad, dare to express their views. From the media, not necessarily to write articles, to choose their best areas. Some people can dance, then video recording is a good choice. read more

To become a real webmaster indispensable condition

I think to be a good webmaster should have the "Invincible Ugly heroine Lin invincible such work spirit and perseverance adhere to their own beliefs! Don’t talk about the first image of the heroine, we only talk about the advantages of her body; I do not know if you have seen this as it is a comedy? Department of incentive drama.

Lin invincible to start looking for a job candidates, as long as the problem she recruited countless companies they have been refused, but she still did not give up or not to miss any opportunity, just like we just do the grassroots station long, because no experience, no credibility; so, it will be like a headless flies start running, to seize every opportunity to promote their own blindly, without considering the methods and skills of read more

Experience of novice station establishment

from the beginning to site now for the past year, write the new site here is the exchange of experience, not to mention education, I remember the beginning of the establishment of the heart of a lot of things are very fuzzy, what search station included, how to improve the site traffic, what kind of website can in the current network based on some very vague, I believe that many of the new owners like me.

tell me something about it:

at the beginning, the site was good or bad, the artist, positioning.. Needless to say, these people do it themselves, with new ideas and unique features. When you start, it’s important to have someone else know where you stand. No one knows it’s bullshit. Ha-ha。 I’m a bit of a bore to say that. Talking about the publicity of new sites, I also saw a lot of articles on the Internet, talking very well, start. Always use some search stations to help increase visibility. I believe that not many people in the beginning to spend money on advertising what, but certainly will not sit down to see me in the article, I am a poor webmaster, now each search station provides a free collection function, you only need new Adsense to your site to submit to OK. To facilitate everyone, I put some of the usual station included entrance finishing: read more

Big Wuhan circle stationmaster Chen Liang’s three year wind and rain stationmaster Road

, I can’t walk on my own way,


left the company, choose entrepreneurship, is my life a new beginning of the road, from February 2006 to date, has been almost three years time, have to admit that, for three years, I have been deeply in love with IT.

to tell you the truth, I only did not receive IT education orthodox, to ask me to explain what is called IT this word, I’m sure that is not clear. But today, I also count as a IT person, I am using my own efforts to rush myself, step by step, read more

Can Baidu share traffic and improve rankings for its Web site

may be some webmaster recently in Baidu search, will notice some sites more than a "small hand", followed by numbers, such as:

in fact, this is the "Baidu share", has existed for some time, but not before Baidu released, now released, is used by more and more owners, but according to the authorities wolf observation, use is not particularly much, do not know the application of Baidu will flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Now, let’s take a brief look at what this application actually does, and what Baidu’s original intention is. read more

Double the traffic lost on the site

has been a station for some time and wants to write something, but he doesn’t know where to begin. Writing experience, my experience is not enough, write operations, I am not qualified station. However, there is a little experience to share with you. Webmaster friends, especially new sites, do a certain amount of traffic, will always feel that the flow of the site like a bottleneck, it is difficult to go to the first floor, and flow IP constantly missing situation, how to do?


once, I also worry about the incident, my station released more than a month, after all sorts of promotional efforts (this is needless to say, this article has innumerable online, finally on the day IP) more than 1000. But two weeks later, how to promote the site traffic, still can not go up, and is slowly reduced, the content is the same every day to update the article, but most still original, included a good search engine. How to do it? When you are upset and unable to solve it, one day at last you get inspiration from another website, and you find one that allows traffic to flow back twice. That day, because I prefer to read comic books, to find a few free online comic network to watch, such as new animation network, nine comic network. However, the most frequently to go is a new comic station, eight Zi comic network, that is, in this network, inspired me to break through the bottleneck of traffic methods. Is this, in reading a comic book inside at the bottom of page has a very sexy banner, every time I went there to have a look at, with a same URL, I directly copy this same site open, hey, good stuff, is the original 3Q flow exchange, as long as the registration, you can exchange instant flow. Do not need any audit, only need to register the return flow, try, no virus. So immediately on the 3Q traffic Union free registration, note the user name, hang the code, the style is quite a lot, oh, you can also customize, suitable for all kinds of advertising. I am in the hope of no attitude to hang this exchange flow advertising. Unexpectedly, the night into statistics, more than yesterday’s more than 200 IP, and then open the 3Q management statistics, today, points into: 68, 3Q for you to point out: 211, 3 times more. Oh, really good, really is the willow Liu Cheng yin. Unexpectedly, the outflow to the flow, but also back to 3 times the rate of return, from now on no longer afraid of loss flow. Here and meet traffic bottleneck and want to increase the flow of webmaster friends share. read more

Actual combat experience summed up the website ranking 6 million

website ranking, website traffic is every webmaster concern, the flow can be directly converted into RMB, ranking often increases along with the increase in flow, high ranking, natural increase your credibility, increase the customer base.

After graduating from school,

began to gain a thorough understanding of the Internet and found that there was so little learning in the school. This is not the fault of the school, but we ourselves after more than a decade of efforts to enter the University, only to relax atmosphere, so play more time than high school study time. Want to learn how many things, you can see naturally, is such a learning point, so learn a little, all understand only about. After taking a job, it is really more in-depth study, focusing on the design of this aspect of the site. Fortunately, after all, the school still has a certain foundation, progress is very fast, and gradually meet the needs of customers of various websites. read more

How to improve the weight of new sites How to improve the weight of the website in the early days

how to enhance the weight of the site? How to improve the weight of the site early? How to improve the weight of new sites?

website weight equivalent to the status of people, your position is high prestige, speak weight. As a person, if you want to climb, one is their own ability, ability, followed by your interpersonal relationship. The same is true of websites. The quality of home page websites is high, such as original content, new ideas and so on. Secondly, the powerful is understanding people. Back to the site, a fledgling new station, if no weight words generally ranked very low weight, the higher you stand, your keywords ranking will flow more naturally, therefore, improve the site weight is must face each new problem, below I explain I personally think that increased read more

20 days to double traffic skills

The three picture

I do, I have to do is counter to the pictures of the station to flow, but the flow of time of 3 months has been below 100ip, let my confidence hit a lot of information to find why I stand so little traffic. I finally summed up the three main causes of SEO do not in place, and my words related to the ranking of the site is too low to Baidu dozens or even hundreds of pages later, and then I began to do optimization, according to the following on the website for rectification

keywords location, density, processing, read more

A5 webmaster, let me have the confidence to stand up again

first thanks A5 for its website reviews, and thanks for the dream River, thanks to all the many A5 brothers who helped me point out the shortcomings. Through your business to Hong Hong network promotion detailed review, let us understand a lot, but also under your guidance, we have a new revision of the site. Now the revision is almost done, but I hope the brothers can point out the shortcomings.

, my website was posted on July 24th. We have carefully studied the inadequacies of your brothers. There are many brothers are saying that the site is highly imitative of others, in fact, this is the problem between us and that site, and I do not want to say the specific, but also regarded as their own private bar. Now, I just want to open up my career at once, and try my best to serve every station. read more

Baidu ranked bid by the way how to universally condemned

is the largest Baidu search engine Chinese Chinese search engine, occupy a great market, because it do good publicity, and rich products, in line with the Chinese the tastes of users, so the new Internet users to Baidu as a search tool of choice, making the development of Baidu, but Baidu has grown in the development at the same time, we have witnessed some let ordinary people can not understand and can not accept some of the policy, which is the Baidu PPC one. Baidu PPC, is a way to pay by effect of network promotion. With a small amount of input, it can bring a large number of potential customers to enterprises, and effectively enhance sales and brand awareness. Keywords enterprise in Baidu registered with the product, the enterprise will be for customers to find these products, PPC billing according to the number of potential customers to bring enterprise access to the enterprise network, can flexibly control the promotion of investment, maximum return. It is also because of this, many enterprises take to do the bidding, the purpose is to allow enterprises to increase exposure to improve the enterprise’s profit in this way, but now Baidu’s policy had no small change, leading to competitive ranking there are a lot of false information to mislead consumers, causing some users the report revealed resentment and the CCTV, so Baidu PPC how to read more

How to quickly invest in air purifier project profitability

now, with the deteriorating air quality, the air purifier products is particularly popular, many entrepreneurs have to open the air purifier a their own stores, but in the process of air purifier franchise store also has a lot of uncertain factors, and each operators face the situation is different, but we all want to stimulate the interest of consumers, to have the urge to buy, so, in the business operators to do to lay their own development path. The following small series to introduce you to some business skills! read more

Cruel comment the performance of individual stationmaster disaster lets me be disappointed

Sichuan earthquake occurred a few days, people all over the country are trying to contribute to the disaster areas, but gradually some of the owners of some of the performance began to let me down.

in the QQ group, in the post bar, in the forum, there are more and more people with the aid of disaster, donations and other names to promote their website. It is not easy but long-life personal website in any case harder than the situation of peasants workers and how you when they are out of the home a little contribution to the disaster area when rice money, some personal webmaster also for a few cents on some personal tricks you blush, read more

A rookie webmaster site more than 10 days of depressing experience

today is my first time to write an article (the composition in school is not counted). I want to speak out my depression.

I am 99 years of contact with the network, not too early, should not too late, ten years old, but never just playing games on the Internet, read novels, chat. In recent years, due to the pressure of life, and because work can be a long time online, there is the idea of building websites to make money. Recently, at the end of November a head into the ranks of the webmaster (estimate and is webmaster.). read more

Common pitfalls in the process of virtual hosting

web server is the cornerstone of the site’s normal operation, stable and fast server is very beneficial to enhance the user experience, and also plays a very important role in the process of website optimization. In the process of information popularization and Internet marketing, virtual products have been widely favored by the construction of small and medium enterprises because of their good performance of cost performance. Shanghai website construction company pilot technology, comprehensive six year statistics show that more than 90% of small and medium-sized enterprises in the construction site when the first virtual host, more than 68% of the virtual host space around 200M, according to the different types and configurations, annual rental costs 300 yuan to 800 yuan. However, there is also a phenomenon caused by the attention of the author: part supplier virtual product prices have been ridiculously low, less than one hundred yuan can buy G host, but not limited to traffic, bandwidth and the number of concurrent connections, but the fact is it read more

Kabasiji newspaper Google advertising JS code, including Trojan virus reflection

in fact, Kabasiji is not the first time false positives, previously false positives, Baidu home Trojan virus. But, everyone on the Baidu trust degree is higher, and this may be a lot of common website hung Google ad code, so there is a Trojan virus in the newspaper, users must think the website containing a Trojan virus, and the common sites may not be able to make you trust.

I want to

here, if there is a day when the 360 reported QQ Trojan, you will how to uninstall the 360 or uninstall QQ? From this question and explained what? Once as the biggest rogue Zhou Hongyi, created 360 really is the rogue, rogue or want to do more? From the 360 navigation strong push, I think the possibility of a large number of. In any case, 360 of the local computer is definitely a double-edged sword. read more

10 days without using search engines to reach IP500 times per day

had just gone through the dotcom bubble when he was crazy about everything about the web, and built a number of sites at that time. It was about pure HTML built in free space.

remember to use Y365 space, there are a lot of birds use it to estimate. It was built at the music station and didn’t do much to promote it, but later it was about 1000IP a day. Remember when watching IP growth was the happiest thing at that time.

back to business, after work to find a very easy job. So boring and decided to build a website. When you consider the target audience, the first 13 to 24 year old group is thinking of rebellion and the pursuit of fashion. Of course, the brand also has considerable loyalty. So decided to take "they" surgery, choose the most popular QQ non mainstream site. read more

Discussion on the importance of website domain name selection

Chinese very name, especially in ancient times, a lot of people think that a name can affect a person’s fate, so until now a lot of people to give him the child should first look at the child’s birthday and then on a computer or online name. Divination good name in the online control under the name of divination zeyang.

although there are many divination websites on the domain name of divination, but almost did not believe, because our webmaster is using their wisdom to control their web site destiny. read more

How to start the popularity of your forum

1, our forum is QQ space, every night to release some good QQ space module and the code, because I am still in school, I have to stand around my classmates publicity so every forum have hundreds of records, membership also slowly rise;

2, set different permissions on different sections of the forum, some visitors can enter, and some members can enter. For example, we have a forum, a tutorial area, and a visitor can enter. And the learning data download area will be accessible only to members. In order to download the learning materials, they will register. read more

Stationmaster fat flowing oil, and poor blood drop

Just contact

is higher in 2003, I remember my first pot of gold in the network earn 200 yuan, I earned this trojan by selling 200 yuan, coaxed to make a silly hat obediently put $200 into my account, finally sent him a hacker website can download any to refuse a Trojan, this is my first pot of gold, then slowly development, I collected more and more Trojans, not many on the network need many trojan, steal legendary miracle game like a Trojan horse, is the beginning of a single sale, price range, 50 to 500 yuan, then simply open a a Trojan mall, membership can download all the Trojans, ordinary members of the senior member of VIP 600 yuan, 800 yuan, let me make a little read more

Nine necessary and sufficient conditions for successful operation of personal websites

as the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. The station is the same, there are many methods? You can take different forms, but the status quo is not the same. Today, I want to sum up the necessary and sufficient conditions for the successful operation of these nine personal websites. The so-called necessary and sufficient conditions, I believe we all know it, that is, a thing to be successful full and necessary conditions. It’s like eating. When you have a meal, it’s just enough condition, but it’s not your mouth, so… It’s necessary. Let’s not say any more about it. Come on. (I’m only a grass root stationmaster who has been in touch with him for a year. I don’t think so. Master on the skip, when the younger brother, this nonsense, ha ha) below, this is my personal understanding and web site collection of nine, the necessary and sufficient conditions, I hope to those webmaster help. Ever wanted to jailbreak read more

Regional classification network monthly income of over 10000 yuan

with the rapid development of the Internet, but also led to the development of the website, the entertainment business news station, station, station, all kinds of community forum sites on the Internet such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out, these sites are successful, there is a failure, but they cannot erase the webmaster contribution to the Internet, a few years ago personal for interest, hobby, now it has become a kind of occupation, is a kind of ability to reflect, and website income became the priority among priorities, some owners do a few years of income is not high, some months income close to the white collar, even more than the white-collar workers, in addition to the level of ability, but also is the site positioning, planning, promotion of website construction. read more

My IT tribe has stood experience

has been wanting to write something recently, and today he can’t help it.

said that because of my cultural level is limited, may be in the following article will appear typos, a misnomer, the statement is not smooth as

, please forgive me!

this article is the process for me to do the station. Let’s begin,


1, subject selection,

choose a good website theme is really important, so the choice of what kind of theme can let oneself do have confidence? "Interested"! To choose the theme according to their interests, so do have positive xing. Do not blindly pursue the so-called hot class sites. I had three stations, because I am a computer professional, more love ", plane, hardware, and other computer related, three stations are my computer tutorial station, although not what hot station, but it is very hard, why the first two station I have closed, the first station is the time when the school is done, it let me into the door, although the highest daily site IP only reached more than 60, but I am still very happy. The second stop was closed because of the choice of space. read more

Restaurant manager plays an important role in business strategy

how is the business of a restaurant? Exclusion of objective factors, Xiao Bian think restaurant manager’s decision is very important. If you want to make a restaurant business in full swing, the manager should make any efforts?

1) check: every morning into the store the first thing is to check.

for each job, inventory, health, experience, a real POP location, such as leaflets per day may be a moving point check. In order to ensure adequate supply of goods every day, the product is accurate, the experience is more smooth, clean and bright environment. Be prepared for examination. read more

Website content change, also do push ups

I start from 2 first with DZ, then gradually hooked on the website, but the highest when I stood on the IP2000 but more! Then no wasted space management! Was blocked for 3 years the site provider! But there is no much improvement in hiring! I 2 year NetEase the yellow pages, I applied to do promotion in Xuzhou area in our city portal have part-time


several times and customer talk I talked about my website, a half dozen forms of deception to pick up the web list! Because many think that I have a relationship with the government! I promise them to stand for them Links, plus advertising! Later I gradually ignored the content of the website. Because I go! Business background! I used to go out! Gradually, also there are many income! (of course with a little computer knowledge people don’t think so!) read more