Liu how Shanghai dragon website optimization to seize the user experience


from the nobility launched the "noble baby baby +1" and launched the "I love Shanghai love" button is not difficult to find, the search engine is to strive to improve the user experience and try to do is not difficult to conclude that in the near future, users can better provide content to the website will have a good ranking, then, those who rely on common cheating website ranking in the search engine will be greatly reduced, until disappeared in the rain, the early forum good rankings to explain cheating can improve the ranking; but the forum was soon K also illustrates this initiative is in the hands of the search engine. Therefore, to improve the user experience is the site optimization in the constant pursuit of the target in the optimization of industry.

template appearance, building a website, you must select a different template, template does not require how beautiful, at least let users look like a website look beautiful "can not only attract users to read it, but also increase the user’s visit.

3, ", seen from the content of the portal page layout is not difficult, the contents in the left column plate plate, on the right, so the layout is a skill, a search engine from the point of view, the left side of the content capture first >

two, the user experience of the website

, a space stability and speed of

2, The stability and speed of

The structure of

space is a problem but a commonplace talk of an old scholar, a lot of optimization and not to regard it as right, still go its own way, the search engine can crawl to foreign space, but from the noble baby moved to Hongkong after it is not difficult to find, the service is very unstable, because some political shield, cause the baby often isn’t open, there is also the problem of foreign space, often not open the site, this point is not called if you want to do, but of no great importance, a user love website, or choose the domestic space, for the domestic space, if there is not enough money to buy a server or VPS, at least should buy a double space, if the user on your site for more than 30 seconds, turn off is almost a The inevitable result, the search engine is provided to the user, if the user does not love, the search engine will not love.

static page, a few days ago to see a client during the conversation, I put forward the static page has advantages over dynamic web pages, the customer retorted search engines for static pages and dynamic pages have no obvious difference, I further explained that this is the theory, but the dynamic page frequently call the database when the user clicks, if a large number of online, it is easy to cause the web page open speed too slow, if there is traffic restrictions, but also cause the website does not open, if the program if there is a problem, can also cause "error, the wrong program is a problem of dynamic pages can not be avoided, and static pages do not have these problems, so the dynamic page is unable to compare static pages.

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