Get on the train of thought of high-quality outreach links

The number of

5, the import link anchor text. The search engine spiders to determine a large part of the keyword of the website is based on link anchor text to judge. If your website is about "CNC punch" category on the Internet, so all websites that your website content is about "punch", then the search engine will believe your website is really about "punch".

!The weight of

4, with its own website source outside the theme, links and their source page web content more relevant, then this link to their role is greater, it is within the same industry leader to their website and vote for a layman not knowledgeable people to own the site cast a vote is the same reason.

website outreach links will not say, this is well known, but there are a lot of people do not know what kind of outreach is of high quality, high weight outside, do not know should go to get high quality and high weight outreach. Today and share my experience of

1, outreach page source. A link can be viewed as an Internet vote for other sites to their website, but this one score is more important, is not the same. Obviously, the higher the weight of the website to vote so the higher the score, the website for more benefits! In general, including PR, quantity, whether open directory sites, time domain age and the first is close to and their own site theme, the history is long, the search engine more trust the website gives you a vote might even let the weight of your site has been greatly improved.

The degree of importance of The number of outbound links,

3 page of the source of outreach. The weight of a page is limited, but also a limited number of his vote, if the page itself to other website to vote more, then vote to the weight of the site and trust will be more likely to share, so their website contribution is smaller. So we do Links the fact that some of the site’s weight, although high, but the export link is up to hundreds of thousands, also from this import link effect is not very good! In fact, are ordinary small website links more than forty or fifty basically useless

!The correlation between

2, the source page snapshot of outreach. Web page snapshot in the search engine is new, so that the site search engine spiders visit frequency more frequently, then point your link will be more timely and effective detection and crawling. If you give a few months outreach website snapshot not update a, then it is pointing to your site spider is no outreach to crawling. Another common view, a snapshot of the website can show this website more new, more healthy, more quickly update frequency.

6, external links. This is not too much to explain. Peer quality inbound links is certainly more effect on the site is also bigger. Of course, not to.

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