Friends of Shanghai dragon breakthrough confused period of several ideas to share

, my friend’s website is the main business of accommodation, but mainly to Phoenix Town tourism is user demand. If the inn can contact some local students as a private tour guide or provide tourist guide for tourists as a reference, then it is very competitive compared to other peers and the difference between.

Shanghai Longfeng do, most of them will be two phenomena: 1. keywords ranking is stable, fixed flow does not know what to do next. 2. every keyword ranking is still there. As a webmaster you have so confused? Today the wedding of Xi’an small series with a personal case, it provides some ideas for you to break through the confusion.

Long long tail mining cooperation


small simple lists several, but actually do is not simple. Do Shanghai dragon is based on Internet users, but online and offline are closely related, many users are online information retrieval, offline transactions. If your website is doing well, and the next line of service is poor, so the conversion rate is not.



for the above situation, Xi’an wedding has come up with several ideas, can make web site traffic and strive for further improvement:

2. additional service


conventional mining long tail word not to mention here, just to live in the inn are mostly foreign tourists. Their main purpose is the tourism, then we can intercept traffic tourist attractions. But the premise is to have the corresponding service, this with the following third points about the cooperation, and tourist attractions or travel company, to form a strong joint ring.

wants to become an independent school in the field, they do not do, with the local famous attractions, travel company, bus station and so on. This will increase Inn flow, in the off-season is very good, but in the season to see whether they have enough capacity, otherwise the user will still be lost.

yesterday, chat with a friend in the group, recently said he was very confused. He is a hostel accommodation website, keywords ranking basically stable in the first three love Shanghai. At the beginning he motivated, but for a long time I feel very confused. Because of his website in the peer user experience and content is doing very well, every day to flow is basically stabilized, he doesn’t know how to break this deadlock, increase website traffic.


grasp the core needs of users, is the key to victory. Tourism is the fundamental demand of the industry, although it is not our business, but the user needs. We can find the local tourism website, talk to them, each hanging advertising or publishing articles, such targeted advertising, high conversion rate, mutually beneficial things, Why not?.

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