Facebook to close down in 2017 – report

first_imgAdvertisement A study at Princeton University has shown that social network Facebook will in the next three years lose about 80% of its users.Study of the Department of Mechanics and Aeronautics argues that weakening of Facebook will occur because of loss of user between the 2015 and in 2017.The study used MySpace as an example of the rapid acceptance and rejection of social networks. – Advertisement – MySpace was launched in 2003, reached its peak in 2008 and then it finally collapsed in 2011.The researchers from Princeton say that Facebook has already reached the peak of popularity. Departure from Facebook users will be stranded, once a user leaves, very soon his friends will leave too.Some others like Google+ have tried to compete with Facebook, but none of them has ever reached the same level of popularity.(Facebook has fired back with their own study showing that Princeton will be gone by 2017 as well. This is due to the increase in tuition and the reduction in the number of people that apply to Princeton each year!!) Source: www.decryptedtech.comlast_img

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