‘Appalling Moral Deficiencies’, Make Robert Sirleaf Unfit to Run for the Senate

first_imgThe governing Unity Party (UP) has declared the “beloved son” of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Robert, as a character with moral deficiencies too “appalling” to contest the ensuing senatorial election as a candidate.Robert Sirleaf, the President’s “beloved son” as indicated in her memoirs, has placed his name on the ballot to stand in the upcoming election as a candidate for Montserrado; Liberia’s first and most populous county.Sirleaf has opted to campaign against his mother’s political party that was fielding a candidate, Ali Sylla, who later declined.  Another candidate in the race is former soccer star and Peace Ambassador, George Opong Weah.Addressing a news conference over the weekend, Unity Party Secretary General Wilmot Paye announced that it has not, and will not support Robert Sirleaf because he (Robert) “lacks the moral credentials and credibility to earn our party’s trust.”UP asserted that the party is convinced that while Robert may have become rich overnight, he stills does not deserve the vote of the people.The party further warned members of the Executive Committee, including Robert’s mother, President Johnson Sirleaf, to be fully aware of the consequences in taking the decision to support Robert, adding.  “Pledging her support to him would be done at his or her own risk.”Unity Party said: “Besides, it will be foolhardy for any member and leader of UP to support a man whose conduct and activities have the trademark of an avowed enemy. Moreover, any member seen or caught undermining any of our candidates will be treated like an enemy of the Unity Party-like Robert Sirleaf.“The marauding bands of individuals with appalling moral deficiencies have nothing to offer and will be crushed in their mischief. We cannot allow Liberia to fall prey to their whims and caprices.“We complained that this Sirleaf was an emerging monster determined to impose his abominable will on our society.“We have every reason to believe that this Sirleaf is determined to undermine the UP, this he is pursuing religiously, using privileges and resources that he did not have nine years ago.”Paye on behalf of the party said, making Sirleaf senator at this moment will be the “most horrible crime of the 21st Century.”Explaining the party’s ordeal with the President’s son, Paye lamented; “In the meeting of Tuesday, October 21, 2014, which he had called, Robert Sirleaf hurled insults at the UP and its leadership.“He went as far as describing the assembled youth leaders as being “malnourished.” He threatened that “they will remain poor for the next three years of this administration if they don’t support his senatorial bid.“This is no idle threat, and so we detest it in the strongest possible terms! We must stop this creeping monster once and for all.“Our patience has run out! No longer will we tolerate Robert’s unprovoked actions against us. Although not so privileged, as he is, to reap from where he did not sow, we will yet expose his grand design. Henceforth, we will treat him as an enemy. He was no friend of UP, is no friend even now, and will he be in decades to come,” the UP statement concluded.Meanwhile, when reached for comments, the Robert Sirleaf campaign team agreed to officially respond to the UP’s assertions this week.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Guyana’s unemployment pegged at 12% during third quarter in 2017

first_imgA quarterly Labour Force Survey done during the period July to September 2017 has revealed that the unemployment rate for persons aged 15 and above was 12%, with the situation for women being substantially worse than that for men.The survey was done from a total population of 550,831 persons 15 years and above, with some 72.2% living in urban areas. From this figure, only 271,068 comprised the total employed population during the time of the quarterly survey,Chief Statistician Ian Manifold handling over a copy of the quarterly Guyana Labour Force Survey to Finance Secretary Hect Butts on Thursday at the Marriott Hotelwith males accounting for 166,873 and females 104,195. Urban workers totalled 188,774, while the rural area had 82,294 workers.The labour force participation rate for all persons aged 15 and above is 56%, roughly equal to the corresponding 2012 value of 55.7%. All other data gathered were compared to information continued in the 2012 census.According to the findings of the survey, unemployment among women was 15.3% and among men 9.9%. The youth unemployment rate among 15 to 24-year-olds was almost twice that of adults, with 21.6%. Young women continued to face severe hardship, with 28% of them being unemployed.“The worrisome labour market situation of youth is confirmed by the proportion of youth not in education, employment, or training (NEET). It is recorded at 35.2%, and is higher for young women (63% of the total number of NEETs) and young urban dwellers (76.4% of the total NEETs). The general picture pointing to a marked disadvantage for women in the labour market is confirmed by the indicator regarding the proportion of women in managerial positions, which in the third quarter of 2017 was recorded at 37.8%,” the survey found.Meanwhile, the employment rate for persons 15 and above was 49.2%, with 62.1% being males and a mere 36.9% being females.It was noted that the percentage of employed people in time- related underemployment was 4.2%, with 72.2% of the underemployed being based in urban areas.The survey also found that 28.4% of the labour force is underutilized, while between 48.3% and 52.6% of the persons employed hold informal jobs.“The percentage of male workers holding informal jobs is higher than that of female workers (57.6 percent for males as against 44.6 percent for females),” the survey detailed.Further, it was found during the surveyed quarter that the average salary per month for employed workers is $82,636 while the figure decreases to $67,064 for self-employed workers.Meanwhile, the average weekly hours of work for all workers was 46.8 hours, with males working more at an average of 50.6 hours.These figures were revealed on Wednesday morning by the Bureau of Statistics (BoS). At the launching of the survey findings, Chief Statistician Ian Manifold outlined that in the absence of such regular surveys, there was no mechanism to track labour market dynamics such as unemployment, job creation, job destruction and workforce size, among other things.With introduction of a continuous Labour Force Survey (LFS), Manifold noted, the relevant data on the performance of the labour market will now be available quarterly, instead of every 10 years or any unspecified period. The information gathered in the surveys will provide sound market indicators to boost the growth of a thriving financial sector.“With the coming of oil production and the result of spin-off businesses, there would be a greater need for market planning indicators such as those that the LFS would provide. So it is very strategic at this point to make available to policy makers in the private sector the indicators of the LFS, so that they would be better able to plan their investments as (those relate) to the expansion or contraction of their businesses,” the Chief Statistician stated.The July-September 2017 quarterly survey was the first of its kind, and was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank to the tune of almost US$1 million.IDB Country Representative Sophie Makonnen said that given current economic activities in the country, the information gathered from the survey will be useful in tracking the labour market to prevent a skills-gap trap.“Recent, new and future investments in Guyana will generate increase in manpower needs. More than ever, I think Guyana needs to match the supply of their labour with the current and future demands for labour, ensuring that the population has the skills for the jobs that are going to be out there. Skills are a major driving force of growth through their effect on labour productivity,” Makonnen posited.Meanwhile, Finance Secretary Hector Butts has noted that Government has committed to continuous support of the project, to get critical data on the local labour market.“It is critical for governments to establish systems which are capable of generating data that will inform planning and development functions, and promote the implementation of policies that would promote efficiency and sustainable development,” the Finance Secretary noted.The survey was done by consulting firm Sistemas Integrales Ltd, in collaboration with the Bureau of Statistic and the International Labour Organisation. A similar survey was done for the period October to December 2017, and regular quarterly reports are expected going forward, with Government taking over the financing of the project.last_img read more

PPP/C to roll out campaign in all regions – Jagdeo

first_img…scrutineers to be dispatched to witness electoral activitiesAs the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) announces their plans for the Guyanese people amid the upcoming elections, campaigning will also be done extensively in all communities to highlight some of the projects that will be undertaken under their governance.Opposition Leader Bharrat JagdeoThis was announced by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo during a recent press conference, where he signalled their draft of developmental plans for several years. While there have been protest actions on their part to ensure constitutional adherence, he said their focus is positioned towards the common man.“We’re happy that we’re moving forward. The PPP will start aggressively to campaign because we want people to hear what our plans are for the next few years. We will review. We will see how we go and our strategy to protest the Government will be under review but we are not a party of protest,” he noted.Jagdeo, who is also the party’s General Secretary, said they will venture out into every region and the wider communities to meet and engage the public. The party intends to put forward the plans they have outlined and how they will benefit the population.“We’re more comfortable talking about development. We want to carry that message in every corner of this country and we want the people to see and understand the plans for the next five years and how all of them will benefit from these plans. We want to go [out to] every region and every community to talk to people about this. That’s where we would like to take the campaign.”At a previous press conference, he had assured that the PPP would work for all Guyanese regardless of their race, religion, or geographic location. However, it was noted that the party’s political opponents have always painted them as pro-Indian – an area where not enough was done in order to change or tackle this perception.This time around, they will be seeking to end this stereotype by further broadening their base. Already, he had said, the PPP has gained significant backing from new supporters.A number of valid developments have been promised in the party’s manifesto, which was released some time ago. Their plans have tackled areas which have seen mass outcries from the Guyanese public.The education sector under the PPP Administration is said to be geared towards improved access, quality, affordability and preparing Guyanese students at the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and tertiary levels. This is to ensure that they secure better-paying jobs in line with the requirement of the economy.Prominent among these would be the delivery of free education at the University of Guyana (UG) and enhanced access through the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Previously, it was explained that free university education would not be available initially but within two or three years as they work out the details of this policy initiative. The party had also announced plans to give out 20,000 online scholarships, which will help with private education especially in courses that are not offered by UG.Meanwhile, as it relates to the power woes, the PPP has also committed that the resuscitation of the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project would be among its top priorities for the energy sector.To this end, the General Secretary said that the PPP Administration will move onto a gas power plant, which it believes could be done easily. To this end, the General Secretary said that the PPP Administration will move onto a gas power plant, which it believes could be done easily. However, while this will bring another 20 megawatts into the system, he stressed that it will not come into fruition until maybe 2021. As such, they will have to rely on fossil fuel initially to stabilise power supply in the country and bring an end to the constant blackouts.As they campaign alongside the elections preparations, the Opposition Leader said they will dispatch officials to scrutinise activities under the Guyana Elections Commission. On October 1, the Commission will embark on the Claims and Objections period – a process that would be under watch by their scrutineers.“GECOM has decided now to move forward with preparations and Claims and Objections will start on 1st October. A preliminary list of electors will be extracted from the current NRR and posted all across the country. We are going to put in place our scrutineers because that is the right place where you get registered if you are not on the voters’ list,” he informed.last_img read more

Power usage increases during Earth Hour in Fort St. John

first_imgEarth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia to bring awareness to climate change. In 2008, the event blossomed into a worldwide movement, with more than 35 countries participating. By Adam ReaburnOn Saturday night hundreds of people and household’s in Fort St. John went dark for Earth Hour.The problem is, it wasn’t enough as Fort St. John actually saw an increase in power usage from 8:30pm to 9:30pm on Saturday March 27th. In 2009 the community saw a decrease of 1.5%, but in 2010, the community saw an increase of 0.06%.- Advertisement -A small but sold out crowd packed Whole Wheat and Honey Saturday night at an event to celebrate Earth Hour organized by NEAT. Several other businesses also dimmed their lights on Saturday to show support for the cause.Overall in the province, BC Hydro says they saw an overall decrease of 1.04%, which is enough to provide power to close to 2,200 homes for a year.One community in the Northeast did see a decrease. Fort Nelson saw it’s power consumption drop by 1.6%. BC Hydro was unable to provide data for Dawson Creek. Advertisementlast_img read more

Kids will get exemption from new passport rules

first_imgChildren age 16 through 18 traveling with school, religious, cultural or athletic groups and under adult supervision will also be allowed to travel with only their birth certificates. The rule is designed, for example, to allow hockey teams and other groups to go back and forth without disrupting their schedule, provided they are chaperoned, Chertoff said. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., a longtime critic of the overall passport requirements because of the potential impact on the economy of border states, said he was pleased by the exemption for those under age 15. “That’s a great first step and now we’re going to have to make sure they do it for everyone over 15 as well,” Schumer said. Schumer said he would introduce legislation that would delay implementation of the passport requirement until at least June 2009. The bill also would require studies on the economic impact of the initiative on each border state, and to test an enhanced driver’s license program as an alternative to passports in at least one location. DETROIT – Children will be exempt from new rules that will require travelers to show passports when entering the U.S. at land or sea borders, a move the Bush administration said Thursday is aimed at helping families and school groups. The new passport requirements will take effect as soon as January 2008. In a change from earlier plans, children age 15 or younger with parental consent will be allowed to cross the borders at land and sea entry points with certified copies of their birth certificates rather than passports. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff discussed the relaxation in rules at a speech Thursday to the Detroit Economic Club before touring the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, a link with Windsor, Ontario under the Detroit River. “This is going to make it a lot easier for kids to cross the border without having to get passports and passcards,” Chertoff said. “By the way, it’s specifically designed to make it cheaper for families.” Any alternative to passports would have to cost adults no more than $20 and be free for children, under the bill. Beginning last Jan. 23, nearly all air travelers entering the U.S. who are citizens of Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean – as well as returning American citizens – have been required to display passports. Children entering the United States by air will still be required to show passports. Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke said the easing of rules for children entering by land or sea was in part the result of talks between the department and Canadians and interested state officials. Canada and U.S. border states have been concerned that the passport requirements would hurt legitimate travel and commerce. When the new requirements for travelers crossing land and sea borders take effect, it will bring residents of Western Hemisphere nations under the same rules as travelers from the rest of the world. The rules were mandated by Congress in 2004 as a response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the recommendations by the Sept. 11 commission that border security be tightened. Last October, Congress passed an amendment sponsored by Sens. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, that would postpone the day the land and sea rules take effect for as long as 17 months, till June 2009, if certain conditions have not been met. One of those conditions was to develop an alternative procedure for groups of children traveling across the border under adult supervision and with parental consent. Chertoff met with local officials in Detroit and planned to travel to Ottawa, Canada, for meetings today with his Mexican and Canadian counterparts. In Detroit, Chertoff met with Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land, who has offered a proposal in which state driver’s licenses and identification cards, which are being revamped to meet federal standards, also could serve as a passport. “It eases the burden of these new laws on our citizens with a common-sense, workable solution,” she said.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Everton line-up v Young Boys: winger to make rare start?

first_img Everton travel to Switzerland on Thursday evening to play Young Boys in the first leg of their Europa League last 32 tie, live on talkSPORT, from 6pm. GoalkeeperTim Howard returned between the sticks for the Toffees’ visit to Chelsea last week and the American performed well in his first game back since December.DefenceEverton’s defensive record has been their Achilles heel this season, but with three clean sheets in their last four games, confidence will be high.Bryan Oviedo will continue in place for the injured Baines, while Seamus Coleman will look to supply the service for Romelu Lukaku down the right.MidfieldJames McCarthy came on at half-time at Stamford Bridge last week, but with Roberto Martinez wary of the midfielder’s fitness following a month-long absence with a hamstring injury, he could start from the bench again.Ross Barkley should start and the pressure is on the young Englishman to perform, after failing to hit the heights of last season.Atsu will be raring to go after impressive displays at the Africa Cup of Nations, but the Ghanaian may have settle for a place on the bench.AttackLukaku will spearhead the Everton attack and the Belgian will be determined to silence his critics and justify his £28m price-tag.Everton fans, how do you think you’ll line-up against Young Boys? Comment below… 1 Everton travel to Switzerland on Thursday evening to play Young Boys in the first leg of their Europa League last 32 tie, live on talkSPORT, from 6pm.The Toffees, who topped their qualifying group in the competition, travelled without eight players, including Leighton Baines and Aiden McGeady.Arouna Kone, Steven Pienaar, and Leon Osman played for the club’s under-21s on Monday as they work back to full fitness, but Tony Hibbert and Sylvain Distin are out.Transfer deadline day loan signing Aaron Lennon is cup-tied after playing for Tottenham earlier in the competition, but on-loan Chelsea winger Christian Atsu could feature after starring for Ghana as they reached the African Cup of Nations final.Possible Everton line-up against Young Boys: 1last_img read more

Congress, NCP reach deal on Maharashtra seats

first_imgThe Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) are likely to conclude the seat-sharing talks for the Lok Sabha election on Sunday. Senior leaders said a consensus had been reached on 40 seats and a final meeting would take place at the residence of Congress leader Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil later in the evening.“We are hoping to resolve the issue by tomorrow or at the earliest and are also talking with other splinter groups to join the grand alliance,” said former Maharashtra Finance Minister and senior NCP leader Jayant Patil. Sources said NCP chief Sharad Pawar and Congress president Rahul Gandhi had asked their State units to resolve disagreements over the remaining seats of Ahmednagar, Pune, Ratnagiri Sindhudurg, Nandurbar, Yavatmal, Aurangabad, Raver and Kolhapur. The NCP on Saturday held a party meeting to resolve issues regarding seat-sharing and candidate list. The party discussed demands from the Congress for the Ahmednagar seat, where Mr. Vikhe Patil’s son is keen to contest. The Congress has additionally expressed interest in the Pune and the Raver seats while the NCP is keen on the remaining eight seats, party leaders said.The NCP likely to field prominent public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam, who had helped State prosecute suspects in the 1993 Bombay bombings, and most notably 2008 Mumbai attacks, party sources said. “He is a bright lawyer and is capable to work in politics and so if he joins it will be good,” NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal said reacting to the development. The two parties had parted ways in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls but have decided to join hands against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Several rounds of talks have already taken place but no official announcement on the alliance has been made. Sources said the two are likely to contest an equal number of seats out of the 48 in the State. A grand alliance will be formed by including other splinter groups, said party leaders.last_img read more

Rahul to campaign in Northeast from today

first_imgCongress president Rahul Gandhi would arrive here on Tuesday to kick-start the election campaign in the north-eastern States. Of the 25 MPs to be elected by the north-eastern States, two would be from Manipur.Mr. Gandhi will arrive in Arunachal Pradesh and then reach Imphal where he would stay for the night. The next day he will leave for Tripura. He is likely to announce the names of the two Congress candidates during his stay in Imphal. He would also address a public meeting at Hafta Kangjeibung on Wednesday.The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee issued a statement welcoming Mr. Gandhi. ‘Failed promises’ The party accused the BJP-led governments at the Centre and in the State of taking the tribals for a ride by promising to implement certain measures which they could never do. The promise that the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission would be implemented was a cruel joke, the party said.The Congress also attacked the State government for the midnight raids carried out at students’ hostels and residences of professors of Manipur University for demanding the removal of the vice-chancellor.The BJP and the Congress, which are the major players in the Lok Sabha polls in Manipur, are yet to announce their candidates. Both are waiting for the other to blink first to assess the party’s strength.last_img read more

Jinson Johnson to focus only on 1500 metres till Tokyo Olympics

first_imgHigh on confidence after winning two medals at the Asian Games in Jakarta, India’s Jinson Johnson has confirmed he will concentrate solely on running 1500 metres till the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.Johnson bagged a gold in 1500m while finished second in 800m at the Asian Games recently.Johnson was also favourite to win 800m but compatriot Manjeet Singh pipped him in a thrilling finish in Jakarta.However, Johnson clocked 3:44.72 to win the 1500m gold medal.”If you are focussing on the Olympics, there is no point competing in both 800m and 1500m. I have spoken to my coaches and have decided that my focus will be on 1500m for Tokyo Olympics. I believe I will be a medal contender in Tokyo,” Johnson told PTI on the sidelines of the felicitation ceremony by the Indian Army.Read – Slow race pace helps runners like us: Jinson JohnsonOlympics is a completely different ball game compared to Asiad but what makes Johnson confident is the timing.”Look at the medallists at the Rio Olympics. The gold medallist (Mathew Centrowitz of US) clocked 3:50.00. Now look at my timing at the Asian Games. It is 3:44.72.”So, in 1500m, It’s not just about the timing. The middle distance running is all about strategy. You don’t have to necessarily create world record to win Olympic gold. Like my personal best is 3:37.00 which is also a national record,” Johnson explained.Also Read – Jinson Johnson not surprised with Manjit Singh’s 800m goldHe is currently training at the national camp under Jayesh Bhatia and will be leaving for Czech Invitational Championship on Thursday.advertisement”The event is on September 8 and 9. Apart from myself, there is Neeraj, PU Chithra, Arpinder Singh and Sudha Singh taking part,” informed Johnson.Jinson Johnson happy with sweet revenge on Manjit after 1500m goldA resident of Calicut, Johnson said that his family was luckily saved from the devastating floods that hit Kerala but he will try to help the affected people.”I have some plans in mind. I will definitely do something for the people of my state,” Johnson said.(With inputs from PTI)last_img read more

La Liga: Sevilla thrash Levante for their biggest victory of season

first_imgSevilla roared back to life from a slump in La Liga by thrashing Levante 5-0 at home on Saturday, scoring all their goals in the second half for a first win in five league games which took them back up to third in the standings.Pablo Machin’s side had been boosted by a 2-0 victory over Barcelona in a Copa del Rey quarter-final, first leg on Wednesday but could not break down Levante until French forward Wissam Ben Yedder fired into the bottom corner from a tight angle in the 48th minute.Levante, who had been hammered 6-2 by Sevilla earlier in the season, almost levelled a few minutes later when a shot from Enis Bardhi took a wild deflection and bounced off the post.The home side quickly punished Levante by doubling their lead on the hour mark with a simple finish from top scorer Andre Silva, created by in-form Dutch winger Quincy Promes.¡PARTIDAZO, equipo! #SevillaFCLevante#vamosmiSevilla pic.twitter.com/Oo2f5zdM3RSevilla Fútbol Club (@SevillaFC) January 26, 2019Levante appeared to give up after the second goal and Sevilla showed no mercy, further stretching their advantage with a goal from Franco Vazquez and a penalty from Pablo Sarabia.They were awarded a second spot kick in stoppage time and Sarabia handed the ball to Promes, who had not scored a single league goal for the club.How impressive was this guy today pic.twitter.com/XeCb7E7cr8Sevilla FC (@SevillaFC_ENG) January 26, 2019The Dutchman saw his penalty saved but reacted quickly to knock the ball high into the net on the rebound, giving Sevilla their biggest win of the campaign.advertisement@pablomachindiez: ‘The team always has desire, they’re always full of energy. I really appreciate the effort they put in.’#SevillaFCLevante#vamosmiSevilla pic.twitter.com/5ebHhnRhTvSevilla FC (@SevillaFC_ENG) January 26, 2019Sevilla are third in the standings, level on 36 points with fourth-placed Real Madrid who visit Espanyol on Sunday. Barcelona, who play at Girona on Sunday, lead the table with 46.Also Watch:last_img read more